Second Grizzly Bear Captured in Yellowstone National Park

Second Grizzly Bear Captured in Yellowstone National Park
A Yellowstone grizzly bear

08/11/2015 AT 11:00 PM EDT

A second grizzly bear cub was captured by biologists in Yellowstone National Park on Tuesday, The Associated Press reports.

The bear was found at the scene of the bear attack that occurred last week.

The park's spokeswoman Amy Bartlett said the bears – two cubs and their mother – were being held until DNA tests from the mother can determine if she was responsible for last week's attack.

If the mother bear's DNA matches, park officials said that the adult bear would be put to sleep as a public safety measure. Officials added that the cubs might also be euthanized if they cannot be placed in a zoo or animal rehabilitation facility.

Lance Crosby, 63, was attacked in the park on Friday. A park ranger found his partially eaten body near a popular trail, which was consequently closed. Crosby was an experienced hiker who worked for urgent-care clinics in the park.
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