Social Media Star Shonda Wagner on Her Journey from 203 Lbs. to Fit Mom of Two

Shonda Wagner on Her Journey from 203 Lbs. to Fit Mom of Two
Shonda Wagner
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04/29/2016 AT 01:00 PM EDT

Shonda Wagner just wanted to drop her baby weight after having her first child, but she unintentionally found herself on a much longer and more fulfilling weight loss journey.

"When I was heavier, I never thought, 'I'm going to set out to lose this many pounds,' " Shonda – who was 203 lbs. at her heaviest – tells PEOPLE. "That was never my goal. My goal was to get off the baby weight and to get healthier, but once I started the journey and started seeing results, then it became fun."

Shonda, 39, grew up eating biscuits with gravy and fried chicken, but started cleaning up her diet and researching the most effective exercises. And she started seeing results.

"Once you have worked so hard to get it and keep it off, the motivation is just that," she says. "Nobody wants to repeat that again. You become very committed."

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Now, the mom of two does cardio five to six days a week and lifts five days a week.

"When I get up, I do cardio first thing in the morning," says Shonda, who is a fan of the elliptical and arc trainer machines. "Then after work I try to get to the gym before the kids are home, and that's when I lift."

As for her diet, Shonda sticks to a low-carb, high-protein diet, making sure she has a protein and a fruit or vegetable at every meal.

"I have a food sensitivity to eggs, so breakfast is usually fish or chicken and a carb – oatmeal, grapefruit, cantaloupe," she says. "Then the rest of the meals are usually chicken or fish, a vegetable, and I'll rotate carbs in. It's very basic. If I deviate off that, I can really tell a difference so I have to stay very strict with my diet."

Shonda has shared her transformation from overweight to super-fit mom on social media, and has amassed 2.7 million Instagram followers. She shares videos of her workouts, some of her favorite recipes, and photos of her progress on her page.

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Good morning! I read your comments on my video post and I appreciate each and everyone of them. . Many of you said you like a "real" mom and that's why you followed. Well I'm not fabulously fit and I'm harder on myself then anyone else possibly could be but "real" I am!! . This is my just rolled out of bed on my way to do cardio~obviously no filters~ progress pic! I will never have a big round booty but I am determined to be fabulously lean and strong by spring break.Just turning 39 gives me one last year to be fabulously fit by forty!! . For me it helps to pick a date, set goals to be met, and taking progress pictures weekly!! The scale can be misleading but your clothes and how you look is reality! Thank you again for you comments. . ***Let me add to the booty remarks because is really gets frustrating for me. With a ruptured disc and 2 bulging in my lower back I'm blessed to work legs/glutes at all. Pushing beyond what's safe to build an ass isn't something I'm willing to do. Being involved with my kids is far more important then what someone else may think of my backside. I also believe with all my heart and what knowledge I have genetics play a HUGE part into you having the ability to grow an ass. ~~rant over

A photo posted by FITNESS-HEALTHY RECIPES(@shonda1020) on

"There's an accountability there that is far greater than the scale, because sometimes the scale doesn't move, but you can see a huge difference – good or bad – in those pictures," she says.

Shonda believes she's been able to attract so many followers to her page because "it's real," she says. "I'm not super fabulous. What I am is attainable. They can do my workouts, [and they do]. That is very rewarding."
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