Watch: Smosh Reveals the Craziest Moment on Set of Their Movie (and It's Pretty Gross)

08/04/2015 AT 05:30 PM EDT

The Smosh guys aren't afraid of getting their hands dirty when it comes to their work. Or, for that matter, their entire bodies.

At last month's VidCon, comedy duo Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla told PEOPLE about the craziest behind-the-scenes moment from shooting their new film, Smosh: The Movie – and it involved a lot of goo.

"We were trying to actually stand up during that scene that's in the movie but we couldn't, so they just let the cameras roll for like five full minutes when we were trying to stand up. We were like little dolphins trying to get up off the land or something," Padilla said of the scene in which the pair is covered in an unidentified slime-like substance.

The duo also teased the many famous faces who make cameos in the film, including Jenna Marbles, Grace Helbig and Harley Morenstein

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Oh, by the way, Hecox was sure to let fans know they can look forward to him in a pair of leopard underwear during the movie, plus much more of their trademark craziness.

The YouTube vets think that after nearly a decade of watching their on-camera shenanigans, viewers won't be too shocked by anything they see – although Padilla joked that "people are saying it's really good, so maybe that will surprise someone."
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