VIDEO: Adam Driver Channels Kylo Ren (in a Wig!) for SNL's Hilarious Undercover Boss Spoof

01/17/2016 AT 09:40 AM EST

This weekend's Saturday Night Live shared an inspirational new installment of Undercover Boss, starring Star Wars baddie Kylo Ren (played by host Adam Driver), who, through the miracle of a bad wig and glasses, learned about the value of teamwork and only using violence a little bit instead of a lot.

The skit featured such heart-warming moments as when Kylo, dressed as a radar tech named "Matt," apologizes for having killed his new coworker's son, using the moving words of a card; when "Matt" responds to frustration with a muttered "jerk face" and not a rage spiral.

He even responds (bloodlessly!) to some harsh words of criticism from his employees, some of whom aren't the biggest fans of his weird-looking lightsaber.

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"I had a blast today. I really learned a lot and people are gonna love the new me," Kylo shares at the skit's end.

And you know he means it because he only killed one person.
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