South Carolina Woman Attempts to Smuggle Pot into Jail in a Bible

Monika Marie Adams Attempts to Smuggle Pot into Jail in Bible
Union Co. Detention Center

08/11/2015 AT 01:50 PM EDT

It's not quite the ol' hacksaw-in-a-cake trope, but it's close: A South Carolina woman was arrested Friday for attempting to smuggle drugs into a jail, concealing them in a Bible.

Monika Marie Adams brought the book to Union County Jail Friday afternoon, saying she wanted to give it to an inmate, CBS affiliate WSPA reports. A supervisor noted that the Bible "didn't look or feel right" and summoned the warden, who had it X-rayed.

The officers discovered "green plant material" in the binding of the book, and when they opened it, discovered tobacco, three marijuana cigarettes, and a piece of paper with Adams' name on it.

Adams, 24, was discovered "hiding in a car" in the jail's parking lot, CBS affiliate WLTX reported. She was later taken into custody.

The attempted caper is more than a little reminiscent of the scene in in The Shawshank Redemption in which the jail warden discovers that Tim Robbins' character Andy had hidden his digging tool in his Bible. Fun fact: The cut-out section begins in the book of Exodus, an appropriate visual gag director Frank Darabont threw in.
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