12 Things We Learned About The Hills' Spencer Pratt After Scrolling Through His Twitter Feed

Spencer Pratt Twitter Rants
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02/19/2016 AT 04:25 PM EST

Though MTV's The Hills signed off the air six years ago, Spencer Pratt – America's favorite reality show villain – recently made headlines after he and wife Heidi gave Vice's Broadly an inside look at their post-reality lives.

While the article is filled with tidbits any die-hard fan would find fascinating, nothing quite trumps Pratt's admission that "[The Hills getting canceled] was our 9/11," a statement he has since apologized for.

After poring over their interview, we took the natural next step and headed to Pratt's Twitter account. This led us to two revelations: 1. He loves to tweet, posting more often than Kanye West, which as you know, says a lot. And 2. Even the most anti-Speidi individual will find at least 20 things in common with the star. (Really.)

To prove it, we gave ourselves 10 minutes (but really, we could've kept scrolling for longer) to scan his very colorful account and see what gems we could find. Spoiler: He's totally pro KimYe.

1. He Refuses to Embrace People Who Like Clean Eating

2. He Has Lots to Say on the Real Difficulty That Comes with Having a Beard

3. His Favorite Celebrity Couple of All Time Is No Surprise

4. He's Quick to Help Those in Need of Some (Very Expensive) Unconventional Therapy

5. Some Food Choices Confuse Him

6. He Has a Lot of Thoughts About this Season of The Bachelor

7. He's Not Afraid to Announce His Cravings

8. He's Worried the Quality of His Selfie Game Will Drastically Drop

9. He Doesn't Hold Grudges (We Think)

10. He's Worried About Today's Youth

11. He's All About Shipping Random Celeb Pairings

12. He's a Sucker for Romance

The Hills star has covered it all.
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