Pack Your Bags: Google Sees a Spike in 'How to Move to Canada' Searches on Super Tuesday

Super Tuesday: Google Sees Spike in How to Move to Canada Searches After Primary
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump
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03/02/2016 AT 05:20 PM EST

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton spent their Tuesday nights counting their Super Tuesday wins, but some Americans were feeling decidedly less excited by the evening's results.

Google searches for "how to move to Canada" shot up on Tuesday night – right around the time both Clinton and Trump were speaking after they started raking in their respective wins.

On Wednesday, Google Trends tweeted that "move to Canada" searches are "higher than at any time in Google history," while Simon Rogers, data editor at Google, tweeted late Tuesday that the phrase "spiked +350% in the past four hours."

The majority of the searches were coming from Massachusetts, where Trump snagged 49 percent of the Republican vote and Hillary won 50.1 percent, Google data reports.

People were taking to Twitter to share their concerns, too.

In particular it was the thought of a Trump presidency that had people hoping to head north.

But Trump is not the only candidate people are afraid of.

And others are calling BS on the whole threat.

Either way, there's some bad news, Googlers: Canada may not be ready for the influx.

Regardless of an itch to move, don't pack your bags just yet: There are still many months to go until the general election in November.
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