Taylor Kitsch Cringes at His Worst Audition: 'I Was So Bad'

07/17/2015 AT 04:55 PM EDT

When one door closes ... Taylor Kitsch is probably behind it trying to save a bad audition.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, the True Detective star took a trip down memory lane ... all the way back to one of his earliest (and worst) auditions.

In the early days of his career, Kitsch was living out of his car, going on multiple auditions a day and finding it difficult to build characters in the scant time he had before casting sessions. So when he walked into a pilot-season audition, the reading didn't go quite as planned.

"I was so bad in the audition that I was so in my head that I stopped and I even called myself out," said Kitsch, now 34. "I was like, 'I apologize. This is so f---ing bad. Can we just start over? Can I literally come in and out of the room?' And [the casting agent] was just very sweet and she was like, 'Yeah of course, do it.' And then I was still s---. It was so bad."

Despite the mishap, the actor alum seems to have showed that bad audition who's boss. Exhibit A: Friday Night Lights.

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