We Asked the Boyfriends of Taylor Swift Fans to Sing Their Favorite Songs & It's Glorious

07/26/2015 AT 12:00 PM EDT

If you wake up every day, look yourself in the mirror and call yourself a Taylor Swift fan, there are some things you probably know: 1) every word to every song she's ever written 2) the name of her cats, in birth order 3) what she ate for breakfast this morning (you know, probably).

When we set off to go #TAYLORgating at one of her recent tour stops in East Rutherford, New Jersey, we met a lot of fans who fit this description – and we met their boyfriends, too.

We decided to put these guys in the hot seat with a high-stakes Swift pop quiz, which we're going to hereby refer to as the ultimate test of true love. If the girl you love loves Taylor Swift, are you prepared to learn the choreography to "Shake It Off"? To what parts of the world will you travel for the chance to see Swift perform live? Will you, no, can you ever understand?

First things first though: Can these guys sing their favorite Swift song? Watch the video above to see who was able to prove their love (translation: who is still in a relationship). Bonus: We challenged the chaperone dads, too, because if anything could tear a family apart, it would probably be finding out someone you're related to doesn't know all the words to "Bad Blood." Dad, how could you? How?!
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