British Teen Tweets Homeless Man's Resume in Attempt to Find Him Work

07/20/2015 AT 04:40 PM EDT

While many just pass buy homeless people on the street, British teen Aaron O'Dwyer couldn't resist stopping when he encountered Jordan Lockett.

O'Dwyer, 18, was leaving a job interview on Tuesday when he saw Lockett, a 20-year-old homeless man, in Liverpool, England. After giving him some change, O'Dwyer said the man insisted he take one of 20 handwritten resumes, the teen told ABC News.

"It was quite a sad read and, obviously, a cry for help," he told ABC on Thursday.

O'Dwyer quickly posted a photo of the resume on Twitter, asking his followers to read and share.

"Some homeless lad in town give me his CV an I promised I would share it on here," he wrote, adding, "Do with it what you like."

The resume, written on loose leaf lined paper includes Lockett's name and date of birth, as well as his work history.

"I'm always being told to go to the homeless centers but there not helping," the page reads, and says he left school during his ninth year, taking work as a motorbike mechanic, a career that ultimately didn't work out.

"Very fast learner and hard worker," he wrote. "Can I afford not to be? Any chances?"

O'Dwyer's tweet garnered thousands of retweets, and even attracted the attention of Liverpool's mayor, Joe Anderson.

"Many people for many different reasons fall by the wayside, a little help and assistance is often all they need to get them back on track," Anderson said in a statement to ABC.

Just a day after posting the resume, O'Dwyer shared that Lockett already had several job opportunities, which he told ABC keep pouring in.

"Last update I have had is that Jordan has got a trial shift at a bar tonight, but I have had loads of generous people contact me with job offers for him," said Lockett's brother, Kyle Ravenscroft, who got in touch with O'Dwyer after encountering his post. "I can't thank Aaron enough for what he has done for Jordan. Many people would have just ignored it and walked straight past him."

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