Teen with Cerebral Palsy Who Was Attacked on Video Receives Special Gift: 'I'm Speechless'

Teen With Cerebral Palsy Who Was Attacked on Video Receives Special Gift
Isaiah Wooding and Cheri Croney
Courtesy Kevin Croney Foundation

03/02/2016 AT 12:30 PM EST

A Pennsylvania teen with cerebral palsy who was attacked in a video shared on social media received a special gift thanks to a woman who knows the importance of staying positive.

Sixteen-year-old Isaiah Wooding received national attention when a video showing another student brutally kicking him in the chest as he made his way to class gained traction on social media earlier this month. Another student at Penn Hills High School in Penn Hills, Pennsylvania, recorded the premeditated attack, and can be heard laughing as Wooding falls to the ground.

"I got kicked in the chest. I fell backwards and hurt my head," Wooding told WPXI. "I was kind of hurt, embarrassed."

The student then posted the video to Facebook, resulting in national media coverage and an assault charge for the 17-year-old student who kicked Wooding, according to WPXI.

Wooding told the news station that he hoped those who saw the video would think about how bullying affects everyone.

"It's not just one person, it affects everybody, and people should know that," he said. "People should have consideration and thoughtfulness of how hurtful things are."

One Pennsylvania woman was so struck by Wooding's message that she decided to remind him how kind people could be. Cheri Croney of New Kensington asked Wooding and his family to stop by her tattoo shop on Friday for a surprise.

"I spoke to his mother and found out what his favorite thing to do was. I thought he maybe had a favorite sports team or something like that, and she told us he really loves to watch wrestling," Croney told WPXI.

So Croney bought Wooding a package of tickets to attend World Wrestling Entertainment Raw on March 14. She also put together a gift basket of wrestling items, including an signed photo of his favorite wrestler, TribLive reported.

“It's pretty amazing. I'm speechless. Truthfully told, I'm speechless,” Wooding told WPXI after receiving the gift.

"This is just breathtaking," Wooding's mom, Margaret, added to TribLive. "[Croney] is just a wonderful person. Isaiah needs to know there are people like her out there."

Croney made the arrangements through the foundation she started in her late husband's honor. Croney's husband, Kevin, was murdered in the family's tattoo parlor in March 2015. In the aftermath of the tragedy, spreading her husband's legacy through the foundation has helped the mother of three to channel her grief into something positive.

"It helps with the healing," she told TribLive. "To be able to make someone else happy, what a great way to remember a life."
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