The 4 Biggest Shockers from The Good Wife Premiere

The 4 Biggest Shockers from The Good Wife Premiere
Julianna Margulies on The Good Wife
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09/22/2014 AT 06:25 AM EDT

The Good Wife returned Sunday night, so let's not waste another second before diving into all of the delicious twists. (Spoilers ahead!)

4. Michael J. Fox is back and he's nasteeeeee.
Well, Fox isn't evil, but his Good Wife alter ego, Louis Canning, sure is. And shrewd, too. After he staged a coup at Lockhart/Gardner, Canning seems to be the only one who is on to the fact that Diane (Christine Baranski) plans to bolt her namesake firm for Alicia and Cary’s start-up, Florrick, Agos & Associates – along with $38 million in business.

3. Panties
Eli (Alan Cumming) gets, well, his panties in a bunch because he's afraid that Peter's (Chris Noth) comely young intern isn't wearing undergarments. So Eli's feisty daughter, Marissa – spending time at her dad's office after she was fired from a juice bar – asks. The intern is panty-free, and folks, we have a new Good Wife drinking game: Take a shot anytime someone says "panties."

2. Alicia is not running for state's attorney
Note: No matter how many times you ask her, Eli, Alicia (Julianna Margulies) is not running for state's attorney's office. "I'm never saying yes," she sniffs. That all may change after her husband, Peter, looks at the polling numbers, which show Alicia to be a beloved candidate. Given his sordid, prostitute-filled history, Peter wants a "friendly face" in the post. More to come on this, naturally.

1. Cary Agos, jailbird
Cary is arrested – and suddenly, we're watching a PG-rated version of HBO's Oz. He's harassed, handcuffed and stripped (somebody has been hitting the gym, Matt Czuchry!) and later stabbed by another inmate. Turns out, the state's attorney's office thinks Cary conspired to help his client (Mike Colter returns as drug lord Lemond Bishop) transport and sell $1.3 million in heroin. At the end of the episode, Cary remains in jail – despite having posted bail, which came from Bishop's crew – and we remain transfixed. Is it next Sunday yet?

Bonus shocker: Later this season, Gloria Steinem will guest-star on The Good Wife – as herself!

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