The Good Wife Recap: Guest Stars Flock to The God Wife (That's Not a Typo)

The Good Wife Recap: Guest Stars Flock to The God Wife (That's Not a Typo)
Julianna Margulies and Taye Diggs on The Good Wife
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10/06/2014 AT 07:55 AM EDT

Sunday night's The Good Wife tackled religion with a lineup of guest stars that would put even The Love Boat to shame. Let's take a look:

John Boy Walton (real name: Richard Thomas – forgot that for a second) plays Ed Pratt, a client of Alicia, Cary, and Dean's who created this super-strong, genetically modified seed. He is suing another farmer for patent infringement, which basically amounted to stealing the seeds and planting them. A religious man, Pratt gets fed up with the courtroom proceedings and asks the fellow litigant to resolve their differences in binding Christian arbitration, headed by ...

Robert Sean Leonard (Del Paul). The House alum asks everybody to pray before beginning to hear discussion (not arguments) in this case. John Boy Walton (sorry, still can't remember his name) ultimately prevails but is not awarded any damages. Much to the chagrin of ...

Taye Diggs, who continues his arc as Dean Levine-Wilkins. In this episode, we learn that Dean almost became a priest after high school (but decided on the law after reading To Kill a Mockingbird); that he and Diane (Christine Baranski) are financing Florrick Agos and Lockhart's office expansion; and that he looks good in literally any suit you dress him in. Wilkins is a believer in God; Alicia (Julianna Margulies) is not, unless that God is played by ...

Gloria Steinem, who pops up as herself. Alicia meets her backstage at an event for her husband, Peter Florrick, and Gloria encourages Alicia to run for state's attorney. Alicia gives her usual answer, which goes something like, "no way in hell." But throughout the rest of the episode, she experiences fantasies of Gloria imploring her to run. "You could make it all the way to the Supreme Court, Alicia. You're that amazing!" says Fauxloria. After a nasty run-in with her would-be opponent, James Castro, the episode ends with Alicia barging into Eli's (Alan Cumming's) office and asking, "If I ran, what's the plan?" Note: Gloria Steinem is a pioneering feminist icon and as such, we will not critique her acting skills.

But we will critique the acting skills of Linda Lavin, who is so awesome she'd bring nuance to the flossing of teeth. Lavin plays Joy Grubick, a crusty, seemingly scattered woman who serves as Cary's "pretrial service officer" and makes sure he is fulfilling the conditions of his bail. In a subplot, the overzealous state's attorney wants to revoke Cary's bail, and the case ends up hinging on Grubick's testimony. Ultimately, she sides with Cary. More of this acting deity, please.

What did you think of The God Wife? Weigh in below in the comments.

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