Aw! Trevor Moran Reveals His Song 'I Wanna Fly' Is About His Mom

07/25/2015 AT 02:45 PM EDT

Cue the 'Aw's', this YouTube star could win the Best Son award!

Though many of his fans might speculate that his new single "I Wanna Fly" is about a love interest, Trevor Moran is setting the record straight.

"Don't laugh but it's not about a relationship or anything, It's actually about my mom," Moran, 16 told PEOPLE at VidCon 2015 on Friday. "It's about us moving to LA and stuff, pursuing my career, moving from a small town to a big town, I wanna fly, and do my career."

Besides the new tunes, Moran revealed that he will soon be taking on a new venture ... reality TV.

"I want the inside scene of my life because you're used to see[ing] me talk to the camera, 'Hey guys it's Trevor, it's Friday'," Moran said. "I want them to see me as Trevor, waking up in the morning, 'Mom! I don't want to do it!' Just me being a teenager."

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Though the reality show will be featured on Moran's YouTube channel, the teen star joked that show could be the next spin-off to Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

"Keeping Up with Trevor, exactly," Moran joked.

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