Watch Bruno Mars' 'Uptown Funk' as Performed by Your Favorite Movies

08/03/2015 AT 10:35 PM EDT

While the Bruno Mars-Mark Ronson collaboration "Uptown Funk" first came out last November, there's a video that only hit the web this week that's giving people a reason to enjoy the song in a whole new way.

The clip, made by YouTube user dondrapersayswhat, features the song's music but with all the vocals replaced by clips of movies in which characters are speaking the lines. Yep, the movies are singing "Uptown Funk."

Legendary Cartoon Characters Sing 'Uptown Funk'

According to the YouTube description, the process took three months and ended up using 280 movies. And it uses a wide variety of films, from classics like An Affair to Remember and The Wild One to more contemporary fare such as Funny People and Tropic Thunder to movies that are just lucky to be included. (Troll 2! Always good to see you!) Click the closed-captioning button on the player if you'd like to follow along and see the titles of all the movies incorporated.

Major bonus points for the clip's inclusion of some of the best dance sequences into the instrumental parts of the song.

It's actually the best repurposing of Christopher Walken's iconic Pulp Fiction scene ever, and the overall final product gives new meaning to the lyric "Don't believe me? Just watch."
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