You'll Never Text and Drive Again After Watching This PSA (VIDEO)

updated 06/13/2014 AT 07:00 PM EDT

originally published 06/13/2014 AT 12:50 PM EDT

It's not that you need any additional proof that texting while driving is a dumb and dangerous thing to do, but a reminder can't hurt.

In the video above, Hong Kong moviegoers got that very reminder with a clever Public Service Announcement consisting of rather ordinary footage of a car driving down the road. A few seconds in, however, all the cell phones in the audience received a text message sent by a nearby device – at the exact moment that the driver in the video veers off the road and crashes into a tree. Cut to text: "Mobile use is now the leading cause of death behind the wheel."

Commenters online remain divided on whether the Volkswagen-sponsored spot was staged. Defenders such as this Boing Boing commenter point out that it is technologically possible to send such a message to all phones – muted or not – in a limited range.

Either way, the spot has been making rounds online and given pause to a much larger group than the one featured movie theater.

Of course, you'd never text while driving. You know that's a really bad idea. Right?

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