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WATCH: Andrew Lincoln and More Walking Dead Insiders Reveal How They Reacted to Beth's Shocking Death

08/04/2015 AT 02:00 PM EDT

Fans of The Walking Dead are used to constant anxiety about whether their favorite characters will survive another day of the zombie apocalypse – but it's the deaths caused by other people that are often the most stunning.

Witness the shocking exit of Beth Greene (Emily Kinney) in last year's midseason finale. In an exclusive bonus feature from the season 5 DVD/Blu-ray, members of the cast and crew reveal that learning Beth's fate was as tough for them as it was for viewers.

"I didn't see it coming at all," reveals Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick. "Watching Norman [Reedus] carry her out was just the worst thing. And then seeing Maggie and Glenn's reaction ... it's so unbelievably sad," he added about the emotional moment when Beth's older sister (played by Lauren Cohan) sees the teen's lifeless body in the arms of an uncharacteristically emotional Daryl (Reedus).

You might think the cast of The Walking Dead has gotten used to goodbyes, but according to co-executive producer Denise Huth, "It never, ever gets easier."

"To see Lauren Cohan crumble like that, I think it was emotional for everybody else as well," Huth says. "The cast had a big group hug in the middle of it which was really sweet. They feel it, they definitely feel the loss that their characters feel."

As for Kinney, she reveals she'll always be proud of what she accomplished on the show because it "pushed me in a lot of ways and got some of the best things out of me."

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The Walking Dead: The Complete Fifth Season DVD/Blu-ray hits stores Aug. 25.
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