4 of the Craziest Wedding Photo Trends Right Now

Wedding Photo Trends: The Craziest Pictures
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05/04/2016 AT 11:30 AM EDT

If you think your wedding day is just about getting married, you're wrong.

You must accompany your big day with wedding photos so memorable that they leave people impressed, shocked and sometimes confused.

Here are a few of our favorite trends in the ever-bourgeoning genre that, honestly, make us want to get married A.S.A.P. (If our wedding photos do not involve Jeff Goldblum, we will be very disappointed.)

1. Photos Featuring … Jeff Goldblum

No explanation required.

#JurassicPark #Wedding #JeffGoldblum #Photography #AdamBiesenthalPhotography

A photo posted by Adam Biesenthal Photography (@adambiesenthalphotography) on

2. Zany (Photoshopped) Photos
Russian newlyweds clearly hold a monopoly on this genre.
Inspired by those Russian prom photos: Inexplicable/hilarious Russian wedding photos.
there are more, and not a single one of them is not hilarious: http://pryf.livejournal.com/4211139.html

3. Ball Pit Photos
This woman is living our DREAM.
found on my facebook feed, furthur context is i'm teaching in Vietnam and this is one of my students

4. Cat Photos
Purrfect wedding photos

Fun variation: Photoshop your flower bouquet into a cat.
Cats replace flower bouquets in wedding photos

It's only a matter of time before all these trends are combined, and we start seeing cat-adorned, Jeff Goldblum-starring, ball pit wedding photos on Instagram. And we can't wait.
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