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Ali Larter
Date of Birth
February 28, 1976
Birth Place
Cherry Hill, N.J.
Thanks to her superpowered role on the TV smash Heroes, Ali Larter is finally known for more than the mere 20 seconds she spent in a whip cream bikini for 1999's Varsity Blues.

After being signed to Ford Modeling Agency at only 13, the Jersey girl posed as a fictitious soon-to-be superstar on Esquire's 1996 cover hoax. The issue created buzz for Larter, eventually landing her roles in Final Destination and Legally Blonde.

In August 2009, the style maven – in a Vera Wang gown – married actor Hayes MacArthur and followed up their nuptials with the birth of their son, Theodore, in December 2010. In January 2015, the couple welcomed their second child, daughter Vivienne.

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Star Talk

Who said lip-syncing in Hindi was easy? See what happens when the Heroes star shoots her new Bollywood musical Marigold in India. (02:00)

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Ali Larter: Five Fun Facts

  1. Frequently hounded by men about her Varsity Blues whip cream bikini scene, Ali Larter silences them by revealing that it was actually shaving cream: "I really burst their bubble...[it] sounds so less appetizing."
  2. Ali Larter admits as a child she wasn't so polished: "I was a little tomboy," she told the Chicago Tribune. "I played soccer and softball. I was one sock up and one sock down with dirty, scraped-up knees."
  3. Ali Larter beat best friend Amy Smart for the role of the seducing cheerleader in Varsity Blues. In the end, both actress landed parts in the 1996 drama, with Smart playing James Van Der Beek's girlfriend.
  4. Ali Larter likes a man with a potbelly: "I don't like vain men. I don't like guys that worry about what they're wearing or want to go shopping. I like guys that are dudes," she told Rachael Ray.
  5. For the 2007 Emmy Awards, Ali Larter went sans hair stylists to sport a self-done hairdo on the red carpet as part of Dove's Real Beauty campaign.

Ali Larter: Biography


Being Discovered

Larter, a 13-year-old tomboy from Cherry Hill, N.J., is discovered on a Philadelphia street and asked to be in a Phillies commercial. She signs a modeling contract with the prestigious Ford Modeling Agency in New York and skips her senior year to work in Japan and Australia. "I liked having the attention and getting my hair and makeup done," she tells In Style in 2007 of her first career. "It made me feel beautiful."


Ali Larter

Up-and-Coming BFFs

Larter meets model and aspiring actress Amy Smart (left) while the two are modeling in Italy. "[We] became instant friends," Larter recalls to Toronto's Calgary Sun in 1999. Smart later persuades Larter to pursue acting with her and the two move into an L.A. apartment together.


Ali Larter


Faux Cover Girl

Larter, 20, poses as the invented Allegra Coleman ("Hollywood's Next Dream Girl") for Esquire's Hoax Issue. With Larter as its face, the magazine fictionalizes Hollywood's new "It" girl as a star in a future Woody Allen movie and girlfriend to Friends star David Schwimmwer. The story's not real, but the attention attracts real buzz for Larter who nabs an agent.

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Ali Larter

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