Amy Adams

May 15

Amy With Baby

Adams and Le Gallo welcome daughter Aviana Olea in Los Angeles. "I actually love my work more now, 'cause I feel if I'm going to be away from her, I'd better enjoy it," the actress tells Parade. "I'm trying to be more present in each moment of my life. She's taught me that."

Amy Adams

December 17

A Fighting Chance

Adams earns her third Academy Award nomination for her supporting turn as Mark Wahlberg's tough, bartending girlfriend in the boxer flick, The Fighter. "She's the last person you'd think of for this part," director David O. Russell admits of Adams. "But she's fearless, and it's great to see her bring her sweetheart qualities to a very strong girl who's going to say the tough things and help the guy in the tough situations."


Amy Adams

November 23

Robbing the Cradle

In the first big screen revival of The Muppets since '99, Adams plays Mary, a kind-hearted fan from Smalltown, USA. While co-writer and costar Jason Segel spearheaded the project, it was another costar who attracted Adams to the film. "Kermit gave a personalized message and it really moved me. I grew up with The Muppets, so I couldn't say no," she says. The family-friendly flick tops the box office, bringing in nearly $30 million over Thanksgiving weekend.


Amy Adams

January 10

'Master'-piece Theater

Adams earns her fourth Oscar nomination for her role in The Master, in which she stars as the wife of Philip Seymour Hoffman's character, a charismatic leader reportedly inspired by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. "I think it's misleading to say it's a film about Scientology," Adams says. "The film is so much more."

Amy Adams

December 20

Siren Call

Adams ramps up the sex appeal to play Sydney Prosser, the mistress and accomplice of con man Irving Rosenfeld (Christian Bale) in David O. Russell's American Hustle. "I never fought for or against playing a sexual or sensual woman," she says, "It's just there hadn't been one offered to me that felt like it came from an authentic place and wasn't there just to serve the male characters." The role earns Adams a best comedic actress Golden Globe, as well as SAG Award and Oscar nominations.

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Amy Adams

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