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On Camera with Dad

A 6-year-old Jolie appears with her father, actor Jon Voight, in Lookin' to Get Out. It's one of the few moments she spends with her father. Jolie would later say that their time together was always and only in front of a camera.

early 1990s

Angelina Jolie

Turbulent Teens

Marcheline Bertrand allows her 14-year-old daughter's older boyfriend to move in to their Los Angeles home, with Jolie and older brother James Haven. In her teens, Jolie suffers bouts of depression and begins cutting herself. "I had that problem early on when I couldn't feel a bond with another human being," she tells Allure in 2004. "Mostly it was all about trying to connect." Jolie and her boyfriend break up in 1991.


Angelina Jolie

September 15

Big-Screen Beginning

Jolie, 20, stars in Hackers opposite British actor Jonny Lee Miller. Seven months later, Jolie weds Miller wearing black leather pants and a white top with his name scrawled on the back in Jolie's own blood. Only her mother and his best friend attend the ceremony. Though the marriage would prove to be short-lived – they split in 1997 and divorce in 1999 – the pair would remain good friends.


Angelina Jolie

Same-Sex Surprise

Jolie begins a relationship with Foxfire costar Jenny Shimizu, a mechanic turned model and actress. In an interview with Barbara Walters in July 2003, Jolie admits to same-sex longings. "I was surprised when I suddenly found myself having those feelings I'd always had for men for a woman," Jolie said, adding she would now consider dating someone of either gender.

January 18

Her First Gold

Jolie earns her first Golden Globe for her role as Cornelia Wallace, the second wife of Alabama's pro-segregation governor George Wallace, in the TV movie George Wallace. Of the rising star, the movie's director, John Frankenheimer (The Manchurian Canidate), tells PEOPLE, "The world is full of beautiful girls," he says, "But they're not Angelina Jolie. She's fun, honest, intelligent, gorgeous and divinely talented." Her performance also earns her an Emmy nomination that she loses to costar Mare Winningham.


Angelina Jolie

January 24

A Golden Globe and a Dip in the Pool

After winning her second Golden Globe for her title role in Gia, Jolie jumps into the pool at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in her Randolph Duke gown. "What's funny to me is that everyone wasn't jumping into the pool," Jolie tells Playboy. "It's one of those events, and the people in the room are supposed to be free and wild, but everyone is so tame and careful."


Angelina Jolie

January 14

Girl, Interrupted

Jolie stars in the coming-of-age mental hospital drama Girl, Interrupted. Although costar Winona Ryder is the film's lead, it is Jolie who shines as the sociopath Lisa. The New York Times says, "Ms. Jolie's ferocious, white-hot performance captures the scary allure of this daredevil and brutal truth teller, the movie's answer to R. P. McMurphy of Cuckoo's Nest."

Angelina Jolie

March 26

Brotherly Love

After winning a Best Supporting Actress Academy Award for her role in Girl, Interrupted, Jolie shocks fans by kissing her brother James Haven on the lips and saying in her acceptance speech she is "so in love" with him. When the media begins to wonder about their relationship, Jolie tells Jay Leno that the incest jokes were "pathetic."


Nuptials and a Tattoo with Billy Bob

Jolie checks herself into the UCLA Medical Center's Neuropsychiatric Institute for three days following a nervous breakdown. Shortly after her release, on May 5, the 24-year-old actress marries her Pushing Tin costar Billy Bob Thornton, 44, in a $189 Las Vegas ceremony. While Thornton's girlfriend at the time, Laura Dern, is stunned, Jolie shows her commitment by having his name tattooed on her left shoulder.


Angelina Jolie

Dad Joins Lara Croft

Jolie briefly reconciles with her father, and the two star in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. They forge a stronger bond during filming, and Voight shows fatherly concern when Jolie performs 80 percent of her own stunts. "I'd be on the sidelines with the stunt coordinator saying, 'You're pushing her too hard,' or pulling her aside and telling her she was taking too many risks," he tells the New Zealand Herald. "But she wouldn't listen. She's too independent, too headstrong."

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Angelina Jolie
Date of Birth
June 04, 1975
Birth Place
Los Angeles, Calif.
Brad Pitt, husband (2005 to present)
Billy Bob Thornton, ex-husband (2000 to 2003)
Jonny Lee Miller, ex-husband (1995 to 1997)
Maddox Chivan, adopted son (8/5/01)
Pax Thien, adopted son (11/29/03)
Zahara Marley, adopted daughter (1/8/05)
Shiloh Nouvel, daughter (5/27/06)
Knox Leon, son (7/12/08)
Vivienne Marcheline, daughter (7/12/08)
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Angelina Jolie

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