Anna Nicole Smith: Snapshot

Anna Nicole Smith
Date of Birth
November 28, 1967
Date of Death
February 08, 2007
Birth Place
Mexia, Texas
A Texas stripper turned Playboy Playmate, model and E! reality star, Anna Nicole Smith lived out a flamboyant rags-to-riches story before her sudden death on Feb. 8, 2007. The buxom blonde became a national curiosity in 1994 when she married 89-year-old oil billionaire J. Howard Marshall II, who died after 13 months of marriage, and set in motion a long legal battle over his estate.

In September 2006, after Smith gave birth to daughter, Dannielynn, her 20-year-old son Daniel, the product of a pre-fame Texas marriage, died from ingesting a lethal mixture of medications. Compounding her woes, Smith was hit with a paternity test by ex-boyfriend Larry Birkhead, but she disputed his claim and held a commitment ceremony to her lawyer Howard K. Stern.

However, after Smith's death, DNA test results proved that Birkhead is Dannielynn's father, and Stern and two doctors were charged with conspiring to illegally supply Smith with pills, enabling her fatal drug habit.

Anna Nicole Smith: Five Fun Facts

  1. Anna Nicole Smith used to demand Godiva chocolates at every Guess shoot in the early '90s.
  2. Speaking about her DD breast implants, Anna Nicole Smith admitted to Britain's Sun that "everything I have is because of them."
  3. In October 1994, Anna Nicole Smith filed a $5 million lawsuit against New York magazine after the publication used her as the cover image for its "White Trash Nation" story without her permission. The cover showed her sitting legs apart with a bag of Cheez Doodles covering her crotch. She settled with the magazine several months later for an undisclosed amount.
  4. A former dancer at Rick's Gentleman's Club in Houston, the future Playmate of the Year wasn't quite ready for primetime. "She was rather plump to be working here, so we put her on the afternoon shift," owner Robert Waters told PEOPLE in 1995.
  5. Asked by Entertainment Weekly in 2002 to name an aphrodisiac, Anna Nicole Smith replied "Anna Nicole Smith."

Anna Nicole Smith: Biography


Anna Nicole Smith

April 04

Starting Young

After dropping out of high school, Anna Nicole works at Jim's Krispy Chicken Shack, where she meets Billy Smith. At 17, she marries the 16-year-old cook and the pair welcome son Daniel in January 1986. They divorce a little over a year later. "[Billy] was so sweet and so cute back there, cookin' chicken," she reminisces to PEOPLE.


Anna Nicole Smith


From Nobody to Some Bunny

Just four years after making $60 a week as a Wal-Mart checkout girl, the single mom sends nude photos of herself to Playboy, and lands a photo shoot with the magazine. Smith appears on the cover dressed in a blue evening gown with a plunging neckline. In June 1993, Hugh Hefner names the former stripper Playmate of the Year, which leads to renewed attention from a few ex-boyfriends. "They never called before," Smith tells PEOPLE. "I have no desire to see them because every single one of them cheated on me and I caught them."

Anna Nicole Smith


Guess Who?

Months after seeing her in Playboy, Guess president Paul Marciano makes Smith the face of the popular jeans brand. The 5'11", 155-pound, 36DD Smith is a vast departure from previous jobholder, Claudia Schiffer. "She brings back visions of Hollywood glamour," Guess photographer Daniela Federici says to PEOPLE. "We haven't seen that kind of charisma since Marilyn Monroe."

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Anna Nicole Smith

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