Anna Nicole Smith

April 04

Starting Young

After dropping out of high school, Anna Nicole works at Jim's Krispy Chicken Shack, where she meets Billy Smith. At 17, she marries the 16-year-old cook and the pair welcome son Daniel in January 1986. They divorce a little over a year later. "[Billy] was so sweet and so cute back there, cookin' chicken," she reminisces to PEOPLE.


Anna Nicole Smith


From Nobody to Some Bunny

Just four years after making $60 a week as a Wal-Mart checkout girl, the single mom sends nude photos of herself to Playboy, and lands a photo shoot with the magazine. Smith appears on the cover dressed in a blue evening gown with a plunging neckline. In June 1993, Hugh Hefner names the former stripper Playmate of the Year, which leads to renewed attention from a few ex-boyfriends. "They never called before," Smith tells PEOPLE. "I have no desire to see them because every single one of them cheated on me and I caught them."

Anna Nicole Smith


Guess Who?

Months after seeing her in Playboy, Guess president Paul Marciano makes Smith the face of the popular jeans brand. The 5'11", 155-pound, 36DD Smith is a vast departure from previous jobholder, Claudia Schiffer. "She brings back visions of Hollywood glamour," Guess photographer Daniela Federici says to PEOPLE. "We haven't seen that kind of charisma since Marilyn Monroe."


Anna Nicole Smith

June 27

Officially Her Old Man

In front of 11 attendees at Houston's White Dove wedding chapel, Smith marries 89-year-old oil billionaire J. Howard Marshall II. Smith met the twice-divorced and wheelchair-bound Marshall while working as a topless dancer at the Houston strip club Rick's in 1988.


August 04

In Sickness and In Health

Following months of illness, Marshall dies of pneumonia. In a prelude to what becomes a long battle over his assets, Smith and Marshall's eldest son, E. Pierce, 56, plan separate memorial services. Smith's is a 25-minute celebration in which 30 attendees (most of whom were acquainted with Marshall through Smith) are treated to melon balls. The service also features teddy bears draped around the casket and a banner reading "From Your Lady Love" in gold glitter. The second ceremony – a solemn two-hour affair at the same funeral home – is attended by most of Marshall's family, including his first wife, Eleanor.


Anna Nicole Smith

October 27

The Never Ending Story

After having her $50,000 monthly allowance severed and losing the title to the million-dollar Texas ranch where she was living shortly after Marshall's death, Smith begins a long legal battle in L.A. bankruptcy court against her late husband's son, E. Pierce Marshall. She fights to claim at least $500 million of Marshall's estate. By January 2005, she has won her case twice but lost her money on appeals.


Anna Nicole Smith

August 04

Reality Check

The premiere of Smith's E! Network reality series, The Anna Nicole Show, draws in 4 million households and features Smith, her son Daniel, assistant Kim Walther and lawyer Howard K. Stern. The former model slurs observations about subjects like Palestinian suicide bombers ("Don't they think it was kinda painful?"), refers to her breasts as "my puppies" and whimpers as she places her husband's urn on top of the television set. Watching the debut at a private party while she chows down on deep-fried pickles, barbecued ribs, bubble gum and Budweiser, Smith remarks, "I look stoned out of my mind!"


February 22

Trimspa, Baby!

Named spokeswoman for the diet supplement Trimspa, Smith announces on her own E! special that she shed 69 lbs. using the over-the-counter drug. The product isn't without controversy: Two class-action lawsuits are filed in the same month accusing the manufacturers of misrepresenting the ingredients and effects of Trimspa. In February 2007, just two days before her death, another class-action lawsuit is filed against the company and Smith.

Anna Nicole Smith

November 14

"Do You Like My Body?"

Introducing performer Kanye West at the American Music Awards in L.A., Smith garbles her words, fondles her breasts and asks the audience "Do you like my body?" before being helped offstage. Host Jimmy Kimmel jokes to the crowd, "I told her to stay away from Snoop Dogg's brownies."


May 01

Ms. Smith Goes to Washington

Smith's chaotic legal battle over of her late husband's estate with his son E. Pierce goes to the Supreme Court. The nine justices unanimously rule that Smith has the right to pursue her suit in federal court. Marshall's son, E. Pierce, dies from an infection six weeks later, but the case is still pending.

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Anna Nicole Smith
Real Name
Vicky Lynn Hogan
Date of Birth
November 28, 1967
Date of Death
February 08, 2007
Birth Place
Mexia, Texas
Howard K. Stern, partner (2006 to 2007)
Larry Birkhead, ex-boyfriend (2004 to 2006)
J. Howard Marshall, husband (1994 to 1995)
Billy Smith, ex-husband (1985 to 1987)
Daniel Wayne Smith, son (1/22/1986 to 9/10/2006)
Dannielynn Hope Marshall Birkhead, daughter (9/7/2006)
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Anna Nicole Smith

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