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Anna Paquin
Date of Birth
July 24, 1982
Birth Place
Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Anna Paquin has a knack for starring in coveted projects, from the blockbuster (X-Men trilogy) to the cult favorite (True Blood) – but there's more to this actress than the sum of her supernatural parts.

The former child star, who grew up in New Zealand, kick started her career by answering a newspaper ad to play Holly Hunter's daughter in The Piano. That role earned Paquin an Academy Award at 11. Since then, she's played literary heroine Jane Eyre, a rock groupie in Almost Famous and most recently, a telepathic barmaid in the HBO hit True Blood.

The bloodsucking drama, which has been credited for reviving HBO's ratings, introduced Paquin to husband Stephen Moyer, with whom she welcomed twins Charlie and Poppy in Sept. 2012.

Anna Paquin: Five Fun Facts

  1. Prior to winning an Academy Award for The Piano, Anna Paquin's only acting experience was playing a skunk in a school play.
  2. At 13, Anna Paquin said she only saw a "censored" version of The Piano. "Someone puts their hand over my eyes in the bits I shouldn't see," she told PEOPLE in 1996.
  3. Anna Paquin admitted to aggressively pursuing the role of Sookie Stackhouse on True Blood. "I stalked [creator Alan Ball] until he said yes," she told Vanity Fair.
  4. Anna Paquin, who is frequently nude on True Blood, didn't even own a pair of shorts before the show. "It's liberating!" she told Self magazine of baring her skin.
  5. Anna Paquin says she's learning to be "perky and bubbly" like Sookie Stackhouse "thanks to a lot of blonde and a lot of spray tanning."

Anna Paquin: Biography


Anna Paquin

Piano Lessons

At 9, Paquin answers a newspaper ad for the part of Holly Hunter's daughter in director Jane Campion's sweeping drama, The Piano. The precocious child actress eventually beats out 5,000 kids for the role, which earns her an Oscar (for Best Supporting Actress) in 1994. "I was completely overwhelmed," she said of her win at age 11. "I just thought I was going to sit there and go clap, clap, clap, and the other person goes up and gets it."


Anna Paquin

Going Rogue

After making supporting turns in the teen comedy She's All That and Cameron Crowe's Almost Famous, Paquin lands the part of mutant hero Rogue in the blockbuster X-Men trilogy. "There's a lot of fun stuff that you get to do in those movies that you wouldn't get to do in any other straight, normal film," she says of the record-breaking comic-book adaptation.


Anna Paquin


There Will Be Blood

As clairvoyant Sookie Stackhouse, Paquin finds herself at the center of a cult hit on HBO's True Blood. The supernatural vampire drama, which introduces Paquin to costar Stephen Moyer (whom she eventually begins dating), earns her a best dramatic TV actress Golden Globe in 2009.

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