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When it came to her beloved Maltese Trouble, the Queen of Mean was all heart. Real estate mogul Leona Helmsley, who died Aug. 20, left $12 million of her estimated $8 billion estate for the upkeep of her 8-year-old dog, even as two of her four grandchildren got nada. The canine, bought as a puppy for Helmsley by a friend, has had a colorful past: She starred in ads for Helmsley's hotels and was accused of biting a former Helmsley housekeeper, who tried and failed to sue for damages in 2005. A fan of cream cheese, steamed vegetables, and grilled chicken and fish, always served by hand, the dog—and control of the pup's money—are now in the hands of Helmsley's 80-year-old brother Alvin Rosenthal.