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At 35 and having my third baby," Brooke Burke admits, "I didn't know if I was ever going to get back in my bathing suit!" But only five months after giving birth, the 5'7", 125-lb. TV host fits easily into a bikini—and size 27 waist jeans. To help drop the 30 lbs. she gained, Burke started Pilates classes three times a week only days after the baby's delivery and has stuck to low-carb, low-sugar foods, supplementing frequent small meals with almonds and protein drinks to keep up her energy for breast-feeding. "I didn't do anything crazy," she insists. Burke did, however, take the advice of her future mother-in-law (she's engaged to actor David Charvet) and wrap her postpartum stomach with a wide ACE bandage for a month to reduce swelling. "I swear it helped everything go back—I definitely got in shape quicker the third time around," says Burke, who is only 10 lbs. from her pre-baby weight. "I'm happy with the way I am right now—but I have a little ways to go!"

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