Hair Curler
Is the swinger image Warren Beatty nurtures both onscreen (Shampoo) and off for real? In Boston to accept the bronzed beanpot that Harvard's Hasty Pudding Club gives to its Man-of-the-Year, Beatty was asked by a fetching female reporter for his views on monogamy. By way of answering, Beatty reached out to fondle the reporter's necklace. His other hand was already on the knee of his constant companion, Michelle Phillips, of the late Mamas and Papas. Hissed Phillips, whose campaign to land Beatty seems to be gathering steam: "Warren, get your hands off her!" Even as Beatty was obeying, Phillips turned sweetly to the reporter and purred, "He likes monogamy just fine."

Persona Grata
Throughout her meteoric career and her tumultuous private life, Liv Ullmann (PEOPLE, Jan. 27) has kept as cool as a Norwegian fjord. But the other night, following a preview of her New York stage debut in A Doll's House, Ullmann, 35, was as giddy as a female fan meeting, say, Paul Newman. In fact, it was Newman who with Joanne Woodward visited backstage. So smitten was Ullmann that she retrieved the paper cup he drank from as a keepsake.

Hold That Tiger
As scenarist of the movie blockbuster Love Story, Erich Segal, 37, has long been America's most eligible bachelor of the arts (not to mention Ph.D.). But, as a marathon runner, he has been an elusive catch until now. Apparently the jog is up. Segal met his match not in the library like his literary lovers but on a transatlantic flight. All that is known is that she is British, named Karen, moved with him to Princeton (where he is a visiting professor)—and has been represented to both his department chairman and a fellow trackman as a fiancée. So much for the loneliness of the long-distance runner.

Hollywood Squares
Jack Nicholson may be the front-runner for the best-actor Oscar. but in reality he's as much of a Hollywood outsider as the character he was nominated for: the gumshoe Gittes in Chinatown. The Academy Awards electorate is not only notoriously clubby but also averages 50 years of age. So just as Nicholson, 37, was knocked off last year by establishment star Jack Lemmon, 50, don't discount Art {Harry and Tonto) Carney, 56, a golden oldie and local favorite.

Bulldog Edition
Claiming that the play her late husband, Charles MacArthur, wrote with Ben Hecht had been desecrated, Helen Hayes, 74, is bad-mouthing Billy Wilder's remake of The Front Page. Film co-star Jack Lemmon counters, "I can understand Helen's protectiveness—but I wonder how she can justify MacArthur's making a film out of Wuthering Heights." And some insiders suggest that what is really behind Hayes's pique is that she had buttonholed Universal for a role in the film—in vain.


•The hostess giving a tony London dinner party barred Prince Mohammed, the younger brother of Jordan's King Hussein, at the door. Nothing to do with politics—the Prince arrived with five guards packing not only pistols but also submachine guns.

•Because of the sour notes in her nine-year marriage to jazzman Gerry Mulligan, actress Sandy Dennis, currently starring on Broadway in Absurd Person Singular, is now going it alone—except for her 28 cats.

•Princess Anne and Mark Phillips have just been outbid on a $615,000 Yorkshire estate by a rock group, Slade. And, indeed, why should they move from their $80-a-month digs at Sandhurst, where Mark's an instructor? Particularly when a threatened cut in the defense budget may put Mark out of work.

•It may sound more like Casey Stengel than John Wayne, but here's the Duke's views on other superstars: "There aren't any. Redford perhaps, but he's got only one generation—I've got five. I have been going for 45 years. I'm the only superstar."