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The earliest days of modern dance in the 20th century are re-created with photographs, drawings and performances of works by masters like Isadora Duncan, Ruth St. Denis and Martha Graham. Included is a recently discovered film of Isadora Duncan dancing at, of all places, a garden party. It is believed to be the only footage of her at work that exists.

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Helen Keller could neither see nor hear but she found deafness the greater handicap. Countless hearing-impaired children are misdiagnosed as retarded and some are even institutionalized. Nova examines the plight of the million deaf Americans, as well as the spirited examples of people like stuntwoman Kitty O'Neil who lead rich lives despite their affliction.

CBS (9 p.m. ET)

This is the first edited-for-TV showing of Robert Altman's evocative 1971 cult film (originally R-rated) about a mumbling gambler (Warren Beatty) and an opium-smoking madam (Julie Christie). The Western town is beautifully photographed through rain, snow and sleet, though Leonard Cohen's songs and the scratchy sound track are distracting. Look for Shelley Duvall and William Devane in minor roles.


NBC (5 p.m. ET)

Björn Borg and Chris Evert return to center court to defend their titles against Connors, Gottfried, Vilas and a resurgent Billie Jean King (seeking an unprecedented 20th Wimbledon title) in the 100th anniversary of the All England Lawn Tennis Championships. Two literate observers, Bud Collins and John Newcombe, rally at courtside for the opening matches and, next week, the finals.


ABC (9 p.m. ET)

John Houseman won an Oscar as a tyrannical Harvard Law professor in this 1973 adaptation of John J. Osborn Jr.'s novel of academic Darwinism. Timothy (Last Picture Show) Bottoms is the aspiring law student who tries to make the grade with both his professor and his professor's daughter (a prebionic Lindsay Wagner).