In prebionic times a doll that wet, cried or even spoke was advanced enough. Then the species evolved into the Six Million Dollar Man and Bionic Woman dolls with credit cards and enough muscle to lift two pounds. Now Kenner Products has reached into the supporting cast for its latest craven image: the "Oscar Goldman" doll, a 13-inch replica of the intelligence chief played by Richard Anderson on the two hit TV shows. When the bionic bureaucrat's minibriefcase is opened, it self-destructs. Still to come is Oscar's "headquarters," equipped with a bona fide bugging device. Where have you gone, Chatty Cathy? (Suggested retail price: under $10)

Seven years after she won her Tony in Applause, Lauren Bacall, 52, has got the musical comedy itch again. Her Applause lyricists Betty Comden and Adolph Green are back, too, with their 1953 play known in other incarnations (stage, films, TV) as My Sister Eileen. Bacall portrays Eileen's big sister Ruth this week at the Valley Forge Music Fair near Philadelphia, then travels to the wonderful towns of Westbury, L.I., Dallas and Miami.