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Still trapped in a '50s time warp, the 10-man group that made oldies but goodies their onlies will rock'n'roll each week with the likes of Kristy McNichol, Bernadette Peters, the Lennon Sisters and...Zsa Zsa Gabor? Now airing in 120 cities.

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A fix for nostalgia fiends. Twenty-six half-hour run-throughs of old 20th Century-Fox film clips a la That's Entertainment! Categories include "Hollywood Heavies," "Fox Tots" and never-before-seen outtakes and screen tests. Narrated by Tom (Happy Days) Bosley and put together by Jack Haley Jr. (who also did Entertainment!, LIFE Goes to the Movies and LIFE Goes to War), the series is now playing in 64 cities.


NBC (8 p.m. ET)

Shavers could knock out a bus if he could catch it, but he is an artless hulk. Ali, showing signs of cauliflower tongue, is not getting any stronger or faster. This might even turn into a fight.


ABC (9 p.m. ET)

Had Oswald not been slain by Jack Ruby but faced prosecution, would he have been found guilty? Viewers won't know until Part II of this drama airs Sunday, Oct. 2. Filmed in Dallas where the tragic events occurred almost 14 years ago, this made-for-TV movie stars Lome Greene as Oswald's defense attorney, Ben Gazzara as the prosecutor and John Pleshette (Suzanne's cousin) as the alleged assassin.


ABC (5 p.m. ET)

Retiring soccer great Pelé will play one half with his old team, Santos of Brazil, and one half with the New York Cosmos, whom he almost single-handedly made big league. Pelé has threatened to quit more times than Sinatra, but this may really be, after 22 seasons, the end of the magic.

CBS (8:30 p.m. ET)

Beverly Archer, who as Lorraine complained through last year's Nancy Walker Show, stars opposite Oliver Clark in an MTM-produced variation on the househusband theme. He runs the house while she schlepps to the office. Tom Poston plays Beverly's boss.


PBS (check local listings)

Last year's Peabody Award-winning sleeper rises for the second season featuring 10 new dramas for television by young American playwrights. The first, Iowa by Murray Mednick, explores the conflicts of one family's reunion. John Travolta's big sister Ellen plays a minor role.


NBC (11:30 a.m. ET)

NBC (12 Noon ET)

Arte (Laugh-In) Johnson and Tom (Name That Tune) Kennedy are back to back in two new game shows where contestants match wits, instinct and intellect for Amana freezers and a year's supply of Kitten Chow.


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"I wanted to make something that would be at least as much television as it was dance," says Twyla Tharp, who fused art with technology in this 60-minute special culled from 75 hours of tape. Tharp introduces a new work set to bluegrass music, Country Dances, and takes Mikhail Baryshnikov and the TV camera as partners.