Margaret Trudeau
Thank you for a splendid article on the controversial Margaret Trudeau (PEOPLE, Sept. 4). You presented her as she really is, a bubbly, talented, unpredictable lady who will not be chained to a rewardless life of no challenges. In a world where many of her counterparts have turned to the bottle, she has turned to life. Maggie will make it.
Michael Bondy
Windsor, Ont.

Why, why did you waste six precious pages as well as your prestigious cover on a "flaky, undisciplined bird"? She's an embarrassment to our country and Prime Minister Trudeau. No wonder he often manages to be out of town when she visits.
Peggy Losie
Victoria, B.C.

I must applaud Margaret's honesty. She apparently realizes, as does most of the world, that her most positive feature is her "bum"—not her brain.
Susan O'Neill
Pewaukee, Wis.

Jon "Bowzer" Bauman
Having looked forward to your feature on Sha Na Na, I eagerly turned to the designated page. Lo and behold, there was Bowzer and Bowzer's blue-blooded wife and the Bowzers' bitsy bed. Cute. Now, tell me about Santini, Denny, Dirty Dan and Johnny Contrado (who never misses a note).
Melissa Verdugo
Westchester, Calif.

In your Martin Mull kidnapping item in Chatter, you referred to the abductors as "well-dressed, middle-aged women." Well-dressed, yes, but please, middle-aged? At ages 26 & 27?
Marianne Danna
Justine Andreason Dallas

Steven Lerner and Angel Dust
Your article on PCP is yet another entry in the growing body of "scare tactic" reports on a drug whose average user has been little studied. As a social scientist who has done research on PCP users, I am offended by articles which emphasize only the drug's most adverse effects. I am also uncomfortably reminded of past unsuccessful and unsubstantiated campaigns against marijuana and LSD.
Katherine A. Carlson, Ph. D.
Alcoholism and Drug
Abuse Institute
University of Washington Seattle

He has been in and out of hospitals—both for treatment for PCP and for second-and third-degree burns suffered while trying to make the stuff. Trouble with the law and abuse to his family was only the beginning of a 10-month ordeal. The stories I could tell about what angel dust did to a person who was loved by everyone who set eyes on him!
Name witheld
Burbank, Calif.

Your article needs to be distributed throughout schools and homes everywhere. Lerner is quite accurate. I had one experience with PCP. I was old enough (19) to realize I should never do it again.

Midge Costanza
Regarding the handling of the Midge Costanza affair by the Carter "good ole boys": tacky, tacky, tacky. Her reaction and final words, "I leave with a sense of dignity and self-respect": classy, classy, classy.
Sylvia Teach
Lake San Marcos, Calif.

F. Lee Bailey
"She had an excellent defense and should be grateful." If Patricia Hearst had had an excellent defense she would be grateful—and free.
Rita Hoffman

Bruce Boxleitner
The "country bumpkin" sure has got it! Sigh, I'm a fan for life.
R. Rice

Bruce Boxieitner couldn't possibly have grown up "...riding a pony of my own." Your picture illustrated the most laughably atrocious horseman ever to imitate a cowboy. With his arm afloppin' and his feet and seat abouncin' clear of stirrups and saddle every stride, no wonder his wife had to give him a hot bath. That wasn't "desert fever," that was saddle sores.
Norman Baker
New Rochelle, N.Y.

Picks & Pans
Where is the paper bag that Pete Frampton and the Bee Gees can't act their way out of? Probably over your film critic's head while he/she was viewing Sgt. Pepper.
C. Sadoff
Middletown, Del.