Pam Dawber
I was entranced with your cover story on Pam Dawber (PEOPLE, Feb. 12). I can easily understand how she maintains the balance of Mork & Mindy. Open your eyes, Garry Marshall; the show doesn't need the support of a padded bra. It has Pam Dawber.
Dan Hickey
St.Catharines, Ont.

I can't think of another actress who would be willing to play second fiddle to a character as popular as Mork without feeling a twinge of resentment. I salute you, Mindy!
Amoreena Raye

Picks & Pans
According to your reviews, every album I own is a piece of trash. After your review of Cat Stevens' Back to Earth, I can't take it anymore. Cat's lyrics are just as good as ever and his tunes are far from being ho-hum. He hasn't fallen out of the groove; he's made a new one.
Quentin Skaggs

Fraternity Hazing
As an alumnus of a well-known fraternity, I can verify that hazing is needless, brutal, antisocial, sometimes sexual (homosexual). I strongly urge anyone interested in fraternity life to first research the fraternity, especially its initiation procedures, although they are held "sacred," a ludicrous word for such an absurd part of college life. I would not go through it again and in all honesty used fraternity life as a social "crutch."
"A brother initiated"
Neptune, N.J.

As a former member of Klan Alpine Fraternity, it appears to me that many of your facts surrounding the tapping night proceedings are untrue. While I cannot reveal what occurred on February 24,1 do know the proceedings of the night. Klan Alpine has been marked enough by this incident without false reporting.
Anthony Rhodes
Katonah, N.Y.

As PEOPLE reported in its story, Mrs. Eileen Stevens' knowledge of how her son died came from his friends. "Only one fraternity member has ever told me anything," she adds. "I would welcome any additional information and have been pressing for an official version from the Alfred University administration and the local district attorney, to no avail."—ED.

I admire Eileen Stevens and her crusade for the prevention of senseless deaths like that of her son. My sorority at Susquehanna University has refrained from any hazing whatsoever. It is needless and childish.
N.J. Adams
Alpha Xi Delta
Rochester, N.Y.

Nancy Hunt
"Women don't write great symphonies, but we're happier." Talk about male chauvinism! You can wear all the makeup and dresses you like, it's your mind that makes you male or female.
Kathy Okun
Syracuse, N.Y.

Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster
Do Superman's creators want us to feel sorry for them? They have only themselves to blame for signing away their baby 41 years ago. Anyway, $20,000 a year plus medical coverage doesn't seem like "nothing" to me.
Alain Guet
White Sulphur Springs, W.Va.

Edgar Sims
Long an admirer of both your photographs and articles, I have discovered a photo in this issue that if turned into a poster could outshine even Farrah herself. I am referring to inventor Edgar Sims and his mousy-eared friends watching—and hearing—television. Touching, endearing and a whole lot of fun.
Beth Skelly
W. Springfield, Va.

Donny & Marie
First it was Marie watching a soap for a whole week. Now Donny tries to rip off a drink machine. What is the world coming to!
Helen Sarkbian
Arcadia, Calif.

Allman Brothers Band
A little bit of empathy goes a long way. Thank you for a brilliant piece of long overdue objective journalism on this subject.
Steve Landis

Dr. Marvin Birnbaum
In November 1976 our son was struck by an automobile and the only hope of saving him was a move from our local hospital to University Hospital 70 miles away. Dr. Birnbaum and his mobile intensive care unit successfully accomplished that transfer. In the following three weeks we learned that TLC [Trauma and Life Support Center] indeed meant "tender loving care," and infinitely more, in a program of medical care and skill that would take volumes to adequately describe.
The John J. Clark Family
Waukesha, Wis.