Burt Reynolds
Your cover of Burt Reynolds made me stop and stare, the cashier at the checkout swoon and all my neighbors borrow my magazine (PEOPLE, April 23). If I could package Burt's macho, I'd be an instant millionairess!
Carol Freyer
Eatontown, N.J.

What Burt Reynolds has done here with his dinner theater is give 400 people better entertainment each night than we've been driving to Miami, flying to New York or turning toward television to see. He could have treated us hometown folks as if we couldn't tell a proscenium from a polecat's patoot, but he didn't. We'd invite ya'll down but, as you said in the story, it's been sold out from the start.
Mary Booher
North Palm Beach, Fla.

The Burt Reynolds of today is not the Buddy Reynolds of yesterday. I would like his fans (my three teenagers among them) to know what type of young person he was. I knew him at Palm Beach High School quite well, yet not really. He was liked but not a "lady killer," didn't communicate with his parents, wasn't outgoing. In fact, the most appropriate word would be "sullen." Look and listen to him today—his values, his personality, love of working hard and affection for his parents. What a man he grew up to be.
Sandra Cannon Burroughs
Allentown, Pa.

I have a question. You said that Burt Reynolds has 90 horses. What breed or breeds does he have? The chestnut on the cover looks like an Arab.
Robin Slovacek
Crystal Lake, Ill.

Of the 90 horses at the BR Ranch, 20 are "lodgers." Burt's 70 are mostly Appaloosas but also include two wild mustangs he adopted as part of a campaign to save them from slaughter. The chestnut shown with Reynolds on the cover is his own Arabian stallion, Cartouche, sired by Ha-Farwa, Arabian Horse of the Year in 1974.

I would like to commend you on the gorgeous animal you featured on the cover. The horse wasn't bad either.
Janet G. Bassemir
Brookline, Mass.

Suzy Eban
Reading of Suzy Eban's visit to her childhood home in Egypt reminded me that 700,000 such Jews living in Arab countries fled to Israel. Most were poor; many of those who were rich had their wealth taken from them. Israel settled her displaced people in homes; the Arabs settled theirs in U.N. camps. No wonder the world calls Eban and her relatives immigrants to Israel, and calls the Palestinians refugees.
Norman Fredman
New York City

Picks & Pans
I am disgusted with your review of Enlightened Rogues by the Allman Brothers Band. The album is one of their best. They may not be within the taste limits of someone from New York, but just try to get tickets to one of their concerts down here.
Valerie Josey

Harold Denton
I commend your article on Harold Denton of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. I live 12 miles from the Three Mile Island plant. Throughout the recent crisis there were many spokesmen from many agencies, but what Denton said was honest and to the point. While the public here felt betrayed by the utility Met Ed and the large government agencies, Harold Denton let us know the facts.
Nannette Coffin
York, Pa.

Costello v. Bramlett
At least three cheers for Bonnie Bramlett! It is altogether fitting and proper for such a soulful dues-paying lady to "sock it to" a contrived no-talent like Elvis Costello. No number of apology-ridden press conferences can change the things Elvis said.
Cya Stark
New York City

I'm sorry, Elvis, but when you get a good percentage of your livelihood from the American public you shouldn't bite the hand that feeds you—or, for that matter, taught you!
Ada McGrath
Bloomfield, N.J.

I love Elvis Costello! What kind of courage does it take to hit such an adorable guy wearing glasses?
Lu Ann Perone
Morristown, N.J.

John Cheever
Today I received my copy of PEOPLE with the story "The Dark Genius of Author John Cheever." Today I also heard a news bulletin which announced that John Cheever had been awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Literature. How timely can you get!
John W. Slaughter Jr.
Columbus, Miss.

Cheryl Tiegs
Just a while back Cheryl Tiegs was talking of having a baby. Now husband Stan has been dumped and Peter is on the scene. These people live in a make-believe world.
Jeri Swanson
Ironwood, Mich.

Roger McGuinn
Drugs did not make rock star Roger McGuinn. And, somehow, wasting three pages on his Christian conversion misses the point. Christianity isn't the issue involved, genius is. As long as McGuinn's aesthetics, intelligence and sensitivity remain unimpaired, who cares if he practices Subud, Buddhism or what? He's a musician, for God's sake.
Douglas Barrett Jones
Des Moines

Grace Jones is like my cat. Good, beautiful, sensual and a little bit kinky in every aspect.
D. Barker
Pinole, Calif.

Burt Reynolds jokes about his disproportionately short legs and says, "God gave my legs to somebody else." I think he gave them to Grace Jones.
Carol Palm
River Grave, Ill.

Thank you for mentioning us in the Grace Jones article. However, while mentioning places where she has performed, you say "gay haunts like Les Mouches." Please be advised that we are no longer gay and have not been for two years.
H. Finkelstein
Les Mouches
New York City