Steve Martin
With a box office hit, two Grammy-winning LPs, a best-selling book and, of course, the beautiful Bernadette Peters, Steve Martin's no "jerk" (PEOPLE, Jan. 21).
Mary Hall
San Pedro, Calif.

Steve Martin's book Cruel Shoes is the greatest waste of money since the Pet Rock, and not nearly as clever.
W. Arneberg

Hooray for Steve Martin! He also recognizes another true genius of comedy: Jerry Lewis. Lewis' earlier films, such as The Bellboy, were hilarious forerunners of today's comedic ventures.
Elizabeth Reich
Santa Ana, Calif.

The Police
Praise be to PEOPLE for printing proof of pop purity: the Police. I hope Copeland's cops'll come to D.C. and play. Police power prevails (Kiss is the worst band in the history of music).
Mats McCabe
Potomac, Md.

Believe me, I'm supporting my Police.
Ellen Ross

Dr. Mary Calderone
There is a blooper in the otherwise accurate and sensitive article on me. On the figures regarding abused children and cesarean sections, what I said was: Research has found that the ratio of cesarean births as between battered and nonbattered children is 10 to one, and approximately 25 percent of the abused children were premature, as compared with only about seven percent among children who were not abused.
Mary S. Calderone, M.D., M.P.H.
New York City

A cesarean mother has enough guilt laid on her by society today for not participating in the womanly art of natural childbirth. Now Dr. Calderone's research makes the C-section mother appear to be a child abuser as well. The doctor isn't up on modern medicine. We aren't "knocked out for 24 hours" anymore. A woman has optional anesthesia methods offered to her. We may even be awake, with our husbands present to share in the birth.
Nancy Bray Johnson
Valencia, Calif.

Suzanne Somers
My heart goes out to Suzanne Somers. When a mother is destitute, she would sacrifice about anything for her child. Back in those days, before the women's movement, just what was there for a woman to do—type 60 wpm for $85 a week?
Judy Drake
Lenexa, Kans.

Suzanne Somers' explanation for posing nude ("I needed money for rent and food") sounds an awful lot like Marilyn Monroe's after the discovery of her nude calendar.
David Shea
New York City

What's the big deal about Suzanne Somers posing for Playboy? What about Sylvester Stallone and his nudie movie?
B. Murray

"I was cold and sick and broke," Stallone has said about his role in A Party at Kitty and Stud's.—ED.

Dr. Garry Porter
Psychiatrist Porter's suggestion that the population take yet another unnecessary medication (ipecac) to protect a handful of possible OD victims borders on the ridiculous. Resolving one person's self-destructive tendencies by adding more chemicals to everyone's system is not the answer.
Heli Powell
Bloomington, Ill.

Bert Parks
So that old geezer Albert Marks Jr. feels that Bert is too old! I'm 17 and would rather watch Bert Parks than some C&W punk who might replace him. Bert belongs with the Miss America Pageant.
Lisa S. Brahin
Freehold, N.J.

It's about time Parks retired. It's time, too, for a new Miss America anthem.
Sue Ann Hayes
Hurricane, W.Va.

Mean Joe Greene
That Joe Greene TV commercial for Coca-Cola is great. But the "star" is the kid. Who is he? He should be doing more than just commercials.
Jack Snyder

The boy is 10-year-old Tommy Okon, the son of onetime New York TV weather girl Gloria Okon.—ED.