After a helicopter rescue from an Arctic ice floe during filming of CBS's upcoming adventure epic Cook and Peary: The Race to the Pole, Richard Chamberlain was California cool. The trouble started as the movie's final scene was being shot. Chamberlain, who plays North Pole explorer Dr. Frederick Cook, was planting an American flag in the ice. Subsequently, an ice floe larger than a football field broke off, then split into half a dozen pieces. The 27 cast and crew members were stranded on one for three hours without a radio. Spotted by the production company's chartered helicopter, they were airlifted to an abandoned U.S. radar station on the east coast of Greenland, about 30 miles away. "The only thing left inside the building was an exercise bike," says Robert Halmi, the film's executive producer. "We waited there two hours before we were taken to the nearest Eskimo village, and Richard spent the whole time working out on the exercise bike wearing his Eskimo parka. He said he lost six or seven pounds." Could be the start of a new Hollywood fitness craze. [P] When Kristy McNichol heard that Jennifer (Flash-dance) Beals might intercept the starring role in Forward Pass—a future TV movie about a college football team managed by a girl—she quickly came to terms with Embassy TV. It seems Kristy had been holding out for more money. Maybe the $500,000 loss on the sale of her Beverly Hills home (which went for a mere $1.2 million) prompted her to reconsider. As for the actress' health problems, an Embassy exec contends, "Kristy is perfectly well-adjusted and in control of her emotions. Whatever was troubling her has gone away." [P] ...Meanwhile, Jennifer, who had been discussing a possible modeling contract with Calvin Klein, has signed instead with French casual-wear designers Marithé and François Girbaud, whose fashions are inspired by American work clothes. Beals will be featured in a multimillion-dollar ad campaign starting next month and will take a Girbaud wardrobe (which may or may not include a welder's outfit) back to Yale, where she'll be a trend-setting sophomore. [P] Cameras were rolling on location in Portugal for HBO's To Catch a King as Robert [Hart to Hart) Wagner and co-star Teri (Tootsie) Garr wheeled up to his villa in a 1938 black MG. There they were met by two large, shaggy dogs, Tonky and Tiago, who play Wagner's pets in the film. "Don't worry about them," Wagner assured Garr, as scripted. With that, Tonky lumbered over to the car and urinated on a tire. Second take, same ad-lib. Noted Wagner, "God, everyone's a critic." [P] The cast and crew of the CBS soap The Young and the Restless have been trying to clean up their act—off-camera, at least—by fining anyone who swears on the set. At 250 per profanity, the cursers' kitty has amassed more than $500 in three months. Those young and restless ones recently used the $500 to finance their "F&S Party" at the home of Patty Weaver (who plays Gina Roma). The Foul-Mouth Award went to Eric Braeden (Victor Newman), who anted up more than $50 for his undeleted expletives. Only one person uttered nary a no-no—Steven Ford (Andy Richards), a/k/a Jerry and Betty's son. Golly, whatta guy. [P]