by Jane Wagner

It's a tribute to Wagner that this book, her script for the Lily Tomlin one-woman, multi-character show currently playing in Los Angeles, is so funny even without Tomlin performing the lines. One character says, "I was not always a bag lady, you know. I used to be a designer and creative consultant. For big companies! Who do you think thought up the color scheme for Howard Johnson's? At the time, nobody was using orange and aqua in the same room together. With fried clams." Another muses, "I worry that Andy Warhol may be right—and everyone will be famous for 15 minutes. How will there ever be room for us all at Betty Ford's?" Lyn the feminist describes the most liberated man she ever met: "He's the only man I've ever known who knew where he was when Sylvia Plath died." Then there's Chrissy the aerobics fanatic, who says, "Life can be so ironic. Sometimes, to make any move at all seems totally pointless. I bet the worst part about dying is the part where your whole life passes before you." The book is illustrated with many photographs of Tomlin. The real star, though, is Tomlin's longtime friend and collaborator, Wagner, who has created an array of humor ranging from the frivolous to the profound. (Harper & Row, $15.95)

  • Contributors:
  • Campbell Geeslin,
  • Ralph Novak,
  • Kim Hubbard.