WHICH SIDE ARE YOU ON, JOE? Freshman congressman Joe Kennedy (D-Mass.) seems to be making all the right moves. But at his swearing-in ceremony, the 34-year-old rulemaker broke an unwritten one. He sat down unwittingly on the Republican side of the House chamber. Commented one onlooker: "You would think if any freshman would know where to sit, it would be a Kennedy." Don't blame Joe; when his dad, Robert, and uncle, Ted, got elected they went straight to the Senate, where seats are assigned.

WEATHER PERMITTING: Sexpert Dr. Ruth Westheimer may not make house calls—but she does make lodge calls. "I was in Sun Valley to ski," she explains, "except there was no snow. The director of the resort didn't know what to do, so he asked me to lecture on sex. What were people supposed to do? When there's no snow on the slopes, the best thing is for everyone to go to their rooms and make love."

SHE'LL JUST TAKE AND TAKE: At a question-and-answer session with UCLA students, Jessica Lange charted her transition from tortured artist to at-ease actress, and she credited country singer Patsy Cline. Playing Cline in the movie Sweet Dreams "was a real turning point in my work," said Lange. "Up until that time I believed an artist had to be painfully private and introspective. I always insisted on a closed set. But by the time we filmed my singing sequences [she actually lip-synched], I was so thrilled to get up in front of an audience that I'd ask the director to do it one more time just so I could perform again."

COS OF THE COMMOTION: After winning five straight home games, the New York Knicks still had trouble keeping the attention of basketball fans. By the third quarter of a game with the Sacramento Kings, a crowd began clogging one section of Madison Square Garden to ogle Knicks fan Bill Cosby, who was unintentionally holding court. So many kids went to shake Cosby's hand that he and people near him couldn't see the game. Some of the crowd began to chant, "Leave Bill alone!" Then half the packed house chimed in. Finally Cosby got a few quiet moments and watched his team win, 119-115.