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It's La La Land. It's Tinseltown. It's Cocaine Gulch. It's the rhinestone buckle on the Sun Belt. It's a palm-shaded Rolls garden. It's a celebrity zoo. It's the town that destroyed Marilyn Monroe and groveled before L.B. Mayer and spit on Orson Welles and invented cemeteries with recorded bird songs. It's also the Dream Factory of the Western World, the creative capital of film and television, the tirelessly whirring projector of visions that enchant the planet, and the playpen of some of the world's most beautiful, intriguing and exasperating people. It's the town that gave us Charlie Chaplin and Shirley Temple and Gary Cooper and Mae West and Bette Davis and Francis the Talking Mule. It's Hollywood. There has never been any place like it, and there never will be. For better or worse, it's 100 years old this week.