The cover (PEOPLE, Aug. 17) was the best ever. Keep up the good work. Long live the King of Rock 'n' Roll.
Rosie Shults
Kansas City, Kans.

It seems [writer] Roger Wolmuth was never an Elvis fan. The entire story is written to prove that Elvis was eccentric and demanding. The joy and beauty Presley fans find in his music cannot be overshadowed by any articles that talk about his "fat-man jumpsuits." What we remember about Elvis is his joy when performing, his intense desire to create a high-quality show for his fans, his remarkable ability to hold 30,000-plus fans in rapt attention without fireworks, leaping or any other techniques resorted to today.
John R. Durica
Stanhope, N.J.

Thank you for your story about Elvis, 10 years later. The memories of him are wonderful. As an only child of two working parents in a small, dusty farming community in West Texas, I often felt very lonely. But through his music Elvis became my personal friend. Years passed. My life changed. Elvis did not. Ten years after his death, his voice and appearance linger. My love and appreciation for Elvis is profound.
Martha Orr Miller
Spring, Texas

Who cares about celebrating the anniversary death of people such as Elvis Presley? When the world has to drum up skeletons as idols for worshipping on an annual basis, that's going pretty far. Our children are learning to show their respect to the wrong people.
Renita Wydick
Las Vegas, Nev.

On Aug. 16, 1977, I was a fire fighter with the Air Force base at Ramstein, West Germany. It was there that I first learned that Elvis Presley had died. Elvis hadn't really meant that much to me or many of my fellow servicemen working there. But his passing was certainly felt by the German civilians with whom we worked. For the next couple of shifts our German fire fighters expressed a sincere sense of loss, because Elvis had once served in Germany while in the Army. It was obvious he had won their hearts, because they spoke of his military tour as if he had just left before he died. I realized then that he was much more than just a star in those B movies I associated him with. It is sad that he died so young.
Mark D. Hutchings
Vallejo, Calif.

There have been thousands of articles and pictures of Elvis over the past 10 years, but none of them can ever bring him any closer to us than the memories we carry of the "King." We were cheated, surely, by his early death, but he was cheated also of true happiness. Wherever he is I hope the man is finally at peace. He gave so much to others, it's sad to realize that he had never really found that happiness he deserved. I miss him still....
Donna Brownlee
Port St. Lucie, Fla.

The Special Olympics
Thank you for your positive coverage of the Special Olympics. As a Special Olympics volunteer I have been privileged to be given an opportunity to learn about courage, trust, spirit and friendship from the participants.
Helene Koenig
Bloomfield Hills, Mich.

Jehan Sadat
I am an Orthodox Jew, and I have to say I was completely overwhelmed by the poignant excerpt from Jehan Sadat's book. She's truly a woman of incredible strength and conviction, which certainly evidenced itself in her handling of the terrible tragedy that befell her. Her husband, Anwar Sadat, was a great and passionate man and perhaps the only person in the world who might have secured peace in the Middle East.
Susan Simon
Mill Valley, Calif.

Carly Simon
Thank you for the great article on Carly Simon. I was one of the unfortunate ones standing outside waiting for her second show in Pittsburgh when it was canceled after she collapsed. I'm glad she's feeling confident about herself again and is back to entertaining her millions of fans. Welcome back, Carly.
Linda Gatz

Roger Knutson
It doesn't surprise me that only a tiny, unknown publisher would have the nerve (not to mention the stomach) to print Knutson's book about dead animals on the side of the road. I find the book to be in very poor taste.
Lisa Callahan

Picks & Pans
Tsk, tsk, tsk. David Hiltbrand is an uninformed critic. Sammy Hagar did not make his latest solo album because he is greedy and unsatisfied with Van Halen. He made it because he was obligated to. He was under contract with Geffen Records to do so long before he accepted Van Halen's invitation. Also, if anything is on it that sounds as if it were "borrowed" from Van Halen's latest album, it could be because the bass player on and co-producer of the album was Eddie Van Halen.
Kelley Devine
St. Louis

David Hiltbrand replies: "Well, I'll accept one 'tsk' anyway. Van Halen's presence on the record hardly excuses the laziness of Summer Nights, but I should have acknowledged Hagar's contractual commitment, if only to alert album buyers to the fact that it's a legal obligation, not rock 'n' roll."