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Her name is bigger than all the names in Side by Side. But thank goodness her cause for embarrassment is much, much smaller. Katharine Hepburn plays a snooty society author—"Call Barbara Walters!" Kate snaps. "Tell her I can't possibly lunch with her today!" But her novels are declining in popularity because she's lost touch with the real world. So, on a bet with her agent, Hepburn goes to Hicksville, Long Island, a very real place, to live for a week with one very real family: a mom and a dad with dull sex lives, a punk teen daughter, a bored son and a baby who cries at the mere sight of Ms. Hepburn. The star vows not to intrude on their "little lives," but of course she does—at first making herself despised, then loved. She elevates a merely mediocre movie to merely cute.