Burt Reynolds, 52, after saying for years that he wanted to be a dad, seems to be getting his wish. Mr. Paternity and new wife Loni Anderson, 42, are adopting an infant whose birth was due at the end of August. "They don't know if the baby's a boy or girl. They didn't even ask. They don't want to know," said Loni's publicist, Mickey Freeman. The baby will be Reynolds' first child and Anderson's second. Her daughter from her first marriage, Deidra Hoffman, is now 23 years old and a junior high school history teacher. [P] David Letterman apparently is not a guy to hold a grudge. Comic Sandra Bernhard was very sassy—she actually kidded him on-air about the gap between his front teeth—when she and pal [CELEBRITY_LINK "Madonna"] appeared on Dave's Late Night show in July. Letter-man mock-threatened, "One of these girls will not be back." But which one? [CELEBRITY_LINK "Madonna"] hasn't been booked since, but Bernhard is scheduled for reappearance on Sept. 15. Says a Letterman spokesman: "Whatever is on the show speaks for itself." [P] L.A. Law's Jill Eikenberry, who had a lumpectomy and radiation in 1986 for breast cancer, is the co-producer and hostess of Destined to Live: One Hundred Roads to Recovery, an NBC documentary about breast cancer which will air Oct. 12. Eikenberry will be joined by fellow survivors of the disease, such as First Lady Nancy Reagan, Gloria Steinem, actresses Marcia (The Bob Newhart Show) Wallace, Vonetta (Cagney & Lacey) McGee, Maggie (As the World Turns) Burke and Julie [LB]Knots Landing) Harris, as well as by many non-celebs. Co-producer and director Linda Otto, who also had a recent lumpectomy and radiation, says of the guests, "They all share a new perspective on life and mortality." [P] Most men weaken over leggy blond Daryl (Roxanne) Hannah, and apparently Fidel Castro is no exception. It can now be told that Daryl was partly responsible for the June release of Robert Richter, an American who was imprisoned in Cuba for five years for hijacking a jet from Fort Lauderdale to Havana in 1983. The Cuban government released Richter into the custody of his father, along with an FBI agent and Chicago businessman Don Hannah. Hannah, Daryl's father, is a friend of the Richter family and a board member of the World Business Council. He had spent seven months secretly negotiating with the Cubans, by mail and phone, for Richter's release, but Hannah attributes his eventual success in part to the clout he had for being Daryl's dad. "No question," he says, "it had a lot to do with Robert's release." Specifically, Castro wanted Daryl to attend Cuba's annual film festival. "The Cubans invited her to come down [last December during the negotiations[RB]," says Don, "but she didn't go. Nor did I promise that she would." Fidel's invitation remains open for the upcoming festival, though Daryl, to date, has not returned her RSVP. [P] Timothy Hutton seems to be clowning around on the screen these days, but you have to look hard to recognize him. In a carnival scene that occurs early in estranged wife Debra Winger's new movie, Betrayed, Hutton stands tall, thanks to stilts, in an Uncle Sam costume. His part is unbilled. In another scene Winger shows a snapshot of a baby who insiders say is actually Emanuel Noah, Hutton's and her infant son. Hutton-Winger fans will remember that Debra did a cameo last year, in drag, in Hutton's movie Made in Heaven. [P]