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The Soup Dragons

The Soup Dragons seem to adopt new sounds as often as Madonna switches personae. The band's 1990 incarnation as psychedelic groovemeisters spawned a hit with a cover of the Rolling Stones' "I'm Free," but by 1992's Hotwired, the Scottish foursome was striking a harder dance-rock pose. Now vocalist-songwriter-producer Sean Dickson revisits the Stones connection and takes it one step further; imagine a young Mick Jagger stepping into the empty platform shoes of Marc Bolan (the late glam-rock pioneer and front man for T. Rex). The result: Hydrophonic tunes like "May the Force Be with You" and "MotherFunker" manage to be danceable and trippy without losing their straightforward, Stonesy rock-and-roll essence. (Raw TV/Mercury)

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