The Story

The Story cover themselves in glory with their major label debut, the year's most radiant folk record. Jonatha Brooke, 30, and Jennifer Kimball, 29, who started singing together in 1982 when they were students at Amherst College in Amherst, Mass., have come a very long way from warbling "Norwegian Wood" in the dorm.

Pretty songs like "So Much Mine" and the title track combine a melodic daring reminiscent of early Joni Mitchell and a harmonic sophistication that recalls the Roche sisters. Though cellos and violins, the telltale tools of mawkish songwriting, filler through a few songs, this isn't the wispy, mopey chapter of folk. Brooke's compositions can pulse with a lively Latin spirit. There is, for instance, the accelerated samba of "Missing Person Afternoon" and the jaunty montuno (a popular Cuban song form) of "Fatso." Well crafted and stirring, this is one Story you'll want to hear again and again. (Elektra)

  • Contributors:
  • Billy Altman,
  • David Hiltbrand.