1. "Love means never having to ___" Finish the phrase and give its origin. [P] 2. He played a romantic vampire in a film called ___. [P] 3. Complete these TV titles: The Love ___; I Love___; Love, ___ Style; Love Thy ___ [P] 4. This resident of 'Toon-town was married to a rabbit. What did she say when asked why she loved him? [P] 5. What was the four-word slogan made famous by protesters against America's involvement in Vietnam in the late 1960s? [P] 6. "The chimpanzees in the zoos do it/ Some courageous kangaroos do it/ Let's do it..." Do what, according to which songwriter? [P] 7. What would I do if I had a hammer and if I were Pete Seeger or Peter, Paul and Mary or Trini Lopez? [P] 8. Woody Allen co-starred with Diane Keaton in a film that parodied War and Peace. Name it. [P] 9. Bruce Wayne has been pretty unlucky in love. His first sweetheart couldn't cope with his dual identity, his second sweetheart had a dual identity of her own. Name these elusive ladies. [P] 10. What was the name of the sexual technique ' used by Stuart Markowitz with Ann Kelsey in the early days of L.A. Law? [P] 11. "... Nothing you can do that can't be done./ Nothing you can sing that can't be sung./ Nothing you can say but you can learn how to play the game./ It's easy..." Name the song and singers. [P] 12. "When I grew up and fell in love,/ I asked my sweetheart, 'What lies ahead?/ Will we have rainbows, day after day?' " What did her sweetheart reply? [P] 13. "Might as well face it, you're ___" what? [P] 14. Dean Jones and his film family called their Volkswagen Herbie, but the car had a cuter name in the title of what 1969 Disney comedy? [P] ANSWERS [P] 1. "...SAY YOU'RE SORRY." IT WAS FROM THE FILM LOVE STORY, WITH RYAN O'NEAL AND ALI MACGRAW. [P] 2. LOVE AT FIRST BITE [GEORGE HAMILTON) [P] 3. BOAT; LUCY; AMERICAN; NEIGHBOR. [P] 4. "BECAUSE HE MAKES ME LAUGH," SAID JESSICA RABBIT IN WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT? [P] 5. "MAKE LOVE NOT WAR." [P] 6. "...LETS FALL IN LOVE," BY COLE PORTER. [P] 7. "I'D HAMMER IN THE MORNING. I'D HAMMER IN THE EVENING...I'D HAMMER OUT LOVE BETWEEN MY BROTHERS AND MY SISTERS ALL OVER THIS LAND." [P] 8. LOVE AND DEATH. [P] 9. VICKI VALE (KIM BASINGER) AND SELINA KYLE/ CATWOMAN (MICHELLE PFEIFFER). [P] 10. THE VENUS BUTTERFLY [P] 11. "ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE," BY THE BEATLES. [P] 12. "QUE SERA SERA." SAID HER SWEETHEART, "WHATEVER WILL BE, WILL BE" DORIS DAY SANG IT. [P] 13. "ADDICATED TO LOVE." CROONS ROBERT PALMER. [P] 14. THE LOVE BUG. [P]