[CELEBRITY_LINK "Tom Cruise"], 30, and wife [CELEBRITY_LINK "Nicole Kidman"], 25, announced on Jan. 22 their adoption of a baby they named Isabella Jane Kidman Cruise.... [P] Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg, 35, gave birth to John Bouvier Kennedy Schlossberg on Jan. 19 in New York City. Jacqueline Onassis' first grandson joins Caroline and Ed Schlossberg's two daughters. Rose, 4, and Tatiana, 2.... [P] Nationally syndicated radio schlock jock Howard Stern, 39, and wife Alison welcomed their third daughter, 7-lb. 10-oz. Ashley Jade, on Jan. 24 in New York.... [P] Musician Thomas Dolby ("She Blinded Me with Science"), 34, and his wife, actress Kathleen Beller, 37 (Kirby on Dynasty), had their second daughter on Jan. 24 at their Hollywood Hills home. The 7-lb. 11-oz. baby is named Talia Claire. [P] Rocker Jon Bon Jovi, 30, and his wife, Dorothea Hurley, 30, announced on Jan. 17 that they are expecting their first child in May. [P] Peruvian Victor Cordero, 26, an illegal alien who chauffeured Zoë Baird, Bill Clinton's initial nominee for Attorney General, left the U.S. on Jan. 26, according to his lawyer. Employing Cordero and his now estranged wife, Lillian, 32, doomed Baird's confirmation. [P] Accused serial killer Thomas Lee Dillon, 42, was indicted Jan. 22 in Noble County, Ohio, on charges of murdering two fishermen last spring [LB]PEOPLE, Jan. 25[RB]. Police suspect he may have slain as many as 10 outdoorsmen in Ohio, Indiana and Michigan. Dillon's attorney says his client is innocent.... [P] Navy lieutenant Paula Coughlin, 31—who alleges that she was sexually assaulted by naval aviators at the 1661 Tailhook convention at the Las Vegas Hilton—filed suit Jan. 21 in Las Vegas against the hotel and the pilots' group. [P] The Sears Rocburk catalog ceased publication after 97 years with its current 1000-plus page Spring 1993 issue. The catalog—purveyor of mail-order goods from covered wagons to cruise control devices—is a victim of cost cutting; Sears is also closing 113 of its 858 stores.... [P] IBM CEO John Akers, 58, resigned Jan. 26, two years shy of the company-traditional retirement age. In 1992 the once preeminent computer maker posted a record $5 billion loss. [P] British historical and romance novelist Eleanor Hibbert, whose noms de plume included Jean Plaidy (The Pleasures of Love), Victoria Holt [Mistress of Mellyn) and Philippa Carr (The Gossamer Card), died Jan. 19 while on a Mediterranean cruise. Hibbert, eighty something, wrote about 200 hooks that have sold 100 million copies worldwide; at least three more works will be published posthumously. [P] After winning his second straight sumo tournament, 6'8", 466-lb., Hawaiian-born Chad Rowan, 23, who wrestles under the name Akebono. became the first non-Japanese ever to attain the rank of yokozuna, or grand champion. (Last year fellow Hawaiian sumo Konishiki was denied the honor.) [P]