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Stick a fork into the relationship of Winona Ryder and Johnny Depp, and you will's done. Ryder's representative confirms, after months of press speculation, that Ryder and Depp are a couple no more. The two young movie stars have called off their engagement and gone their separate ways.

The reason? "They're young, and they grew apart," says Ryder's spokeswoman.

We hear from other sources that Ryder is now seeing David Pirner, lead singer of the rock group Soul Asylum. Pirner apparently left his girlfriend of 11 years to be with Ryder. As to Depp's love life, not to mention his "Winona Forever" tattoo, his rep says she won't comment on Depp's personal life.


Isn't it convenient? Songwriter Carole Bayer Sager is the cowriter of two new songs, "Colors of Love," from the new Ted Danson-Whoopi Goldberg movie, Made in America, and "Still It's You," from the forthcoming Matt Dillon-William Hurt movie, Mr. Wonderful. Both films are distributed by Warner Bros., and Sager has been dating Warner Bros, chairman and chief executive officer Bob Daly for more than a year.

Of the dating and career overlap, Sager's representative says dismissively, "She has written songs for movies for years."


And speaking of music from the movies, it may not be a full-blown trend yet, but we've found another example of a Paramount film trailer using music from one of its stars' previous films. First, in coming attractions earlier this year for Sliver, which stars Sharon Stone, the studio used music from the sexy star's last film, Basic Instinct. Now, on the trailer for The Firm, the Tom Cruise thriller based on the John Grisham novel and opening June 30, Paramount has tacked on a piece of music from Cruise's last film, A Few Good Men.

A studio spokesperson confirms the star-specific recycling but declines any further comment.


In the future, we will all star in our very own workout videos. Until then, workout videos will continue to be the province of every star still capable of registering an EKG reading.

Including Golden Girl turned Golden Palace regular Estelle (petty, whose new video will be released in September. Stephen Verona, who directed Estelle Getty's Young at Heart video, says the 68-year-old actress' tape is "non-aerobic" and includes "slow muscle movements and head turning."

Sample instruction from Coach Getty to her viewers: "Now we look to the left, now we look to the right."

She may be the costar of Beverly Hills, 90210, and her dad, Aaron Spelling, may be its zillionaire producer, but 20-year-old Tori Spelling is not master of all she surveys. On a recent dinner dale at the Ivy restaurant in Los Angeles, Tori was overheard asking her date, "Hey, what's capellini?" For Tori and the similarly pasta-impaired, capellini is angel-hair pasta, a long, thin noodle.