Recipes by Susanna Palazuelos Text by Marilyn Tausend

Whether you're an experto or a novice who thinks Mexican means mostly tacos and burritos, you'll love this superbly photographed, deliciously presented sampler of one of the world's grand cuisines. Recipes for a dizzying variety of items, from Caesar salad—yes, a Mexican creation—to such arcane pastry as anise-flavored Day of the Dead bread, are interspersed with fascinating chapters exploring the country's history through its food. An irresistible feast. (Collins, $45)

  • Contributors:
  • Joyce Seymore,
  • Kristin McMurran,
  • Julie Greenwalt,
  • Ron Arias,
  • V.R. Peterson,
  • Veronica Burns,
  • Eric Levin,
  • Peggy Brawley,
  • Susan Toepfer.