CHAIRMAN OF THE REALLY BIG BOARD [BR] Angie Dickinson, a pal of Frank Sinatra's for more than 30 years, recently waxed rhapsodic about Sinatra on radio shows while promoting The Official Chivas Regal Frank Sinatra Fans! Hotline, a 900 number that featured Sinatra thanking his fans and on which they could leave messages for him. Proceeds from the line went to a favorite charity of both entertainers, Variety Clubs International, which aids underprivileged children. Dickinson, 60, got so enthusiastic about Ol' Blue Eyes that she say's one deejay asked her if she called Sinatra God. She says she told him, "No, I would never call him God. I would call him Mr. God." And how does Frank respond to all this adulation? "Oh, you don't do it in front of him," says Dickinson. "The knees hurt too much." [P] CRUSH GROOVE [BR] Has Entertainment Tonight host John Tesh ever had a crush on someone he interviewed? "Yes," says Tesh, 39, who now also hosts NBC's One on One. "Sela Ward, she's on Sisters. After the interview, everybody came up to me and said, 'John, it looks like you like that girl.' I thought she was fascinating, [LB]but I have as much of a crush on Sela as on Esther Williams, whom I also interviewed." In real life, Tesh has been dating Connie (P.S. I Luv U) Sellecca. [P] GREENE PEACE [BR] After she shared a same-sex kiss with Amanda Donohoe on L.A. Law last season, some suggested it Michele Greene left the NBC show this ear because she was upset with the gay plot line involving her character. Not true, says Greene, 29, who recently starred in the TV movie Posing. "They made me seem like this incredibly homophobic person. I resented that. I left because my contract was up, and after five years I figured they were not going have a writing renaissance with Abby [her character[RB]. You're making good money and stuff, but you get to the point where you think, 'Do I want to get off this show and be in my early 30s and not have been doing anything terribly exciting for the last few years?' If you're not being fulfilled, you better make a choice to leave. Otherwise you're just selling out." [P] DUKE REBUKE [BR] New Orleans-based singer Aaron Neville was thinking seriously about packing his bags if David Duke, the former Ku Klux Klan leader and neo-Nazi, had been elected Governor of Louisiana. "I remember the old days, having to go through the back door everywhere and ride in the back of the bus," says Neville, 50. "It was so crazy and backwards. If Duke were the Governor, I'm afraid it would be like South Africa down here." Duke lost, and Neville's not leaving, but the singer is still puzzled by the 39 percent of the vote Duke managed to get. "It's scary. It just makes you wonder about the future of the country." [P]