So much to see. hear and read, so little time. Relax, PEOPLE is on the case. TV critic David Hiltbrand here selects the 10 finest and 10 most forgettable programs of the year and also offers five shows in each category that just missed making the list: "Further Worthies" and "Further Follies." On the following pages, our panel of reviewers and editors picks the best and worst albums, books and movies of 1991.

A real-life Truth or Dare, but at epic length, nerve-fraying pitch and for historic stakes.

Ian Richardson was spellbinding as a political hack back-stabbing his way to 10 Downing Street. Dead clever. (PBS)

Giants-Bills and Twins-Braves: best cliff-hangers all year. Grueling, great. (ABC, CBS)

Sir David Attenborough's elucidating study of how species ensure survival. (TNT)

Warlocks and witches magically woven into a tough detective yarn. (HBO)

Marion Ross, the white-bread mom from Happy Days, as a Russian-Jewish grandma? Just one of many pleasant surprises in this funny, poignant and charming series. (CBS)

A quirky sitcom that answers the undying question, What do men want? Answer: more power tools. (ABC)

Campy, crazy and captivating clips of matinee idols Crash Corrigan, Captain Marvel, Gene Autry, Roy Rogers and more. (AMC)

Sidney Poitier starred as young NAACP lawyer Thurgood Marshall in a compelling dramatization of the Supreme Court's landmark 1954 school desegregation ruling. (ABC)

Dennis Hopper outdid even his own chilling Blue Velvet performance in a visceral fable of evil in the Deep South. (Showtime)