Time, Love and Tenderness
The scary thing is, Bolton managed to scale down his overblown pop fervor, yet he still makes Mariah Carey sound as restrained as the Singing Nun. (Columbia)

A Little Ain't Enough
Au contraire. A little of this tired, derivative collection is too much. Dave, your spandex is sagging. (Warner Bros.)

For the most part, Her Serene Highness couldn't give away this Euro-disco drivel. But, hey, in Monaco she outsold Elvis and the Beatles combined. (WTG/Epic)

Once a disarmingly jovial rapper, the Fresh Prince tried a more mature style but merely came across cocky, petulant and mean. He lit up the bigotry board with "You Saw My Blinker." (Jive)

With their pop-idol looks, this Swedish duo is safe as long as there's an MTV. Now close your eyes and cringe at their lifeless chirp-alongs. At least ABBA was a palindrome. (EMI)

Mistaken Identity
If anyone is qualified to cogitate on identity crises it's Summer, looking for a role since the end of her reign as Queen of Disco. Here she meandered in songs from bland to indifferent. (Warner Bros.)

Pure Hank
America's boor-laureate tried to be the bad ol' boy of country, slinging paeans to "angels with arms not wings" and "Hollywood Honeys." Alert to trends, he offered—hot doggerel!—a pro-ecology ditty, "Kiss Mother Nature Goodbye." (Warner Bros.)

Music for the People
The impossibly smug, muscle-bound brother of New Kid Donny Wahlberg made dropping trou his trademark. But it was his fake street attitude, lame rhymes and moldy music that he unwittingly exposed. (Interscope)

Starry Night
Singing in English, Iglesias caramelized every tune and homogenized every lyric. The result was an indigestible goo. (Columbia)

Hard at Play
Lewis used to bait his peppy party tunes with catchy hooks. These tunes are barbless. You don't catch many fans trolling with balled-up white bread. (EMI)

>•BRYAN ADAMS Waking Up the Neighbours [A&M] •CHICAGO Twenty 1 [Reprise] •DIKE STRAITS On Every Street [Warner Bros] •ARETHA FRANKLIN What You See Is What You Sweat [Arista] •RUSH Roll the Bones [Atlantic]